Stolen Pixels #31: The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen

Stolen Pixels #31: The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen

These City of Heroes characters aren't so much superheroes as they are...special...heroes.


You also can see

Dark DarkityDeath Dark : Empath
SPYDRMAN - Blaster
WULVREEN - Claw Scrapper
etc. etc. etc.
before you get to the Atlas Shouters, the level 1 Portal victim and the lone Blaster thinking about Solo-ing Lusca.

Will city of villains be next? - or would this be the same comic with a red background? :P

Will city of villains be next? - or would this be the same comic with a red background? :P

That, and everyone would have horns or spikes or something.

I haven't played much Villain side. Everyone keeps saying it's better, but in all my boyhood fantasies I never daydreamed about getting superpowers and using them to rob banks. I want to be a superHERO, dammit!

Having said that, I'm sure I'll end up villain-side sooner or later. The idea of having my own ninja henchmen IS kind of appealing.

Hoo boy, that last one reminds me of the one time I made the mistake of creating a female character in WoW just to mix things up a bit.

Not only did I get far more unsolicited group requests than I normally get but some random person also called me "dear." It's definitely proven to be amusing.

Best part is that my female character is a moo cow. Apparently tauren females are a real turn-on to some.

You know, for someone who primarily uses MMOs for the butt of his jokes, you do seem to play an awful lot of them.

Eagle Est1986 --

Not that Shamus needs protection or excuses, but here are two things to consider.

1) Like any game reviewer, Shamus has to play a lot of games he might not have chosen to otherwise.

2) If you view his site (, you'll find that he adores COH. Enjoying something is no barrier to poking fun at it. Case in point, one of my favorite comics is KODT, which does absolutely nothing except to make fun of RPGers. It's written by RPGers for RPGers.

Yes. In fact, I didn't start playing MMO games until I started Stolen Pixels. They're widely recognized and so they make for good fodder.

My friend once played a hero named Fudgenugget the Phantom of Christmas, he was also agonizing to behold.

Why isn't this comic more popular? I've laughed through every one. Maybe some Wiki Magic will liven up the readership...

oh em gee, that last one had me LOLing for a WHILE


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