Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Homecoming

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Silent Hill Homecoming

This week Yahtzee's ass remains safe while he reviews Silent Hill Homecoming.

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Rofl at the end!

'Incidentally why not buy a Zero Punctuation T-Shirt?'


I thought that was a really good episode espicially the phone bit.

Ok someone's buggered up the player again, sound doesnt work in firefox.

Edit: Nevermind, it's firefox's fault.

I wonder if he's gonna do a review of Dead Space. That would be awesome. Great review as always though. :)

Bah. Silent Hill.
Fucked it up totally.

I get the funny feeling there may be some banning for the first few people :P

Great as usual and Lol at the end:D i'm off to by me a t shirt

Nice review, I look forward to fable II and especially dead space.

Disappointed. He obviously liked it, but just couldn't admit it.

maybe I'm talking out of my delicious un-eaten ass... awesome

Now that sir was made entirely of win. Great review, great shilling, fantastic end bit.

All around excellence.

ok finished, not gonna lie, that was pretty entertaining, the bit at the end made my giggle a bit too :)

Wonderfully funny, and the phone sequence at the end was great!

Big LOL at Lesley from the cleaners.


Nice episode. And if i picked up a telephone in a horror game and that tune played i would shit my pants, but that kind of mindfuckery is sadly gone from games. punctuation....t-shirt....

Nice review, quite funny.

Must... buy... Zero Punctuation T-Shirt...

When I first loaded the clip, I was afraid. 7-minute run-time? Was this the return of the dreaded unrelated tack-on adverts?

No, thank Christ. It's the return of Yahtzee's Brilliant In-Game Sequence Theatre.

I did not expect Our Misanthropic Hero to be chewing on his own arse, having read some other reviews. But thankfully we still hear him going on about story and atmosphere like the adorable cuddly fanboy he is. Bravo, Mr. Croshaw. I for one am glad to see the crazy lightning storms of Brisbane will never keep you from your appointed rounds.

This is not a Silent Hill's Resident Evil 4 in goth drag.

Hehehe, great review and clip at the end!

Best one in recent weeks Yahtzee, thanks.

This makes me want to replay Silent Hills 2-4 (I sold my SH 1 years ago, a mistake on my part).

I laughed throughout, so, best ZP ever in my opinion. Loved the bit at the end.

Great! And superb bonus bit :)

Ahh a return to form, nice work fella!

The end clip was hilarious. I rofl'd.

I never played a Silent Hill until I encountered your videos, and I thank you for it.

I've been looking forward to this one. I have similar feelings on the series, it would be nice if it could just die with dignity. Wickedly funny, as always.

Cop out. :)

Awwww fuck it all to hell I wanted this game to be good soooo bad and god damn it fuck, nice review yahtzee glad I now know not to download it off steam. Ah well least I got dead space to look forward to on friday. sigh

Great reveiw today, and nice end peice.

Pretty funny stuff as usual.

I actually liked the silent hill movie. I know it was far off from the game and below average as far as films go, but it's probably the best attempt at video game to movie I've seen so far.

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