Review: LEGO Batman

Review: LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman: It's LEGO. And Batman. What more could you want?

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Your superhero/supervillian name is easy. "Thaddeus Stoklasa" becomes "Stocklaser"! You'd be a high-time crime-fighter/lord with a vast array of multi-purpose lasers, reflectors and light-based weaponry. Note: this idea may actually be utterly terrible.

Nice review, but the LEGO series just isn't for me. I need stronger objectives, wider environments, and a degree of challenge.

it sounds like a simple and funny game, who knows maybe if i see it some of these days i may buy it. just a question, the old theme of the 60s show with adam west is in the game? it would be a nice touch

the next thing i want to see is a lego half life, it would me interesting to see lego combines, lego striders, or lego portals, jejeh.

I have always sort of liked the lego games, it's my guilty pleasure.
They're fun to play with my little bro.

My problem with Lego Batman was the level design :P. It's good, but as a game I think Lego Indiana Jones 2 was better.


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