173: Hit'em Hard and Make'em Bleed

Hit'em Hard and Make'em Bleed

Roller derby: the first full-contact roleplaying game?

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Good read, it's always awesome to hear about a female sport that's just as much about empowerment and fulfillment as a predominantly male one without conforming to the masculine ideals.

Which is another way of saying I really need to go to one of these matches. When does it come out in video game form?

I enjoyed the TV series Rollergirls. I found it entertaining so I decided to check out the flat-track roller derby here in Toronto. Unfortunately I found flat-track and it's rules to have made the sport as boring as hell. First off flat-track slows down the pace of the game considerably to the point it looks like roller derby in slow motion. Then there are the strict rules that have skaters penalized if they so much as look at another skater funny. Kinda hard to enjoy a roller derby match when the bulk of both teams are in the penalty box.

Not saying it needs to be as violent as the stuff down in Texas but you know I want to see some heat in those heated rivalries.

Excellent read, very informative piece.

The "heat" does tend to vary depending on the league - I'm guessing that TO will have to lay off on the penalties fixation once the Canadian leagues start competing with each other and with the US leagues on a more regular basis.

Good read!

Looking into derbies in my area.

There really isn't a good "virtual" game equivalent to Rollergirls, is there? Hmm, do developers think there isn't a market for it?

For some reason, this has me remembering the awful game I played years ago based on the American Gladiators (not the most recent one).

I think games based off of off the beaten track sports and obstacle course game shows could be very successful myself. Heck, Mario Party is in a way a simple culmination of those events.

I've been to the roller derby here in Raleigh and let me tell you...FREAKIN AWESOME. The amount of people that showed up (not to mention the amount of amazingly beautiful women) that showed up to watch was absolutely mind blowing. I can't wait to go again! Watching and cheering is a sport in itself!

"Hit em hard and make em bleed" is probably not a title I'd readily pair with a picture of woman's hindquarters in fishnet stockings.

That said, there was "Speedball."

ROFL Roller Derby isn't fake at all, you're right.


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