Zero Punctuation: Saints Row 2

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Saints Row 2

Zero Punctuation reviews this week's sandbox crime game, Saints Row 2.

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ive been hammering at the refresh button for 30minutes now, Saints Row 2 review, KICKASS! watching now!

I never really liked saints row 1 or really wanted saints row 2 - why should i want it now after wtching this =D

thanks yahtzee

Ali Elfaki:
NIce cant w8 2 c...1st???

It's amazing, every week practically somebody just has to post something like this, and every week they are banned. It's like watching lemmings run off a cliff or something.

It wont load, is it because of the sudden influx of people.

another funny video. thanks for the weekly laughs again

omg, he actually likes it :). awesome video

Damnation, and I've already picked up 3 games I don't have time to finish now that the Fallout 3 bomb has dropped. Now I want Saints Row 2...

Not overly funny this week, but it did make we want to check the game out.

Some of the best humous since GoW CoO.

Great video, this is a game I wouldn't usually go out and buy, but if it's more fun and violence then a GTA4, I'm all over it. I'd better beable to throw old ladies into jet turbines, btdubs.

me and my roommate have spent weeks arguing which is more important, fun or realism. it's good to know that Yahtzee and I agree on this one. fun>>>>>>realism and grit

I'm fairly surprised he LIKED the game (For the most part)! But just remember: Watch it while mentally adding 10% more bite.

aswome vid mate i registered just to commen on ur vids "go team retard" keep it up mate its always summing ot look forward to on a wednesday

Best ZP I've seen in quite some time. Now I want to play this game!


Ali Elfaki:
NIce cant w8 2 c...1st???

It's amazing, every week practically somebody just has to post something like this, and every week they are banned. It's like watching lemmings run off a cliff or something.

I know I really enjoy it. Anyway cool review I was hoping for Fable 2 but maybe next week.

P.S. The super villian game would kick so much ass.

k, finished watching,

ive been playing SR2 since launch, i also own GTA4. Ive plunked more hours in Saints Row 2 than i ever have in GTA4 and Vice City combined.
Ive always agreed with your statement "Gta is heading for realism and im not entirely convinced thats the best direction for it".
San Andreas vs Saints Row 1 was a shining example of this. I played the crap out of and beat SR1 because it was just hilarious amounts of fun.

Though in a game like this, the regenerating health meter is actually a welcome thing. Ive recently been playing Libery City stories on my PSP, and the fact i have to ditch what im doing to run back to the hospital to pick up a floating rotating heart icon embedded in a blue coin, and run back only to have my health about the same by the time i get back to the turf war, if goddamn frustrating, and restarting the whole mission over again because some whacky pedestrian tagged me with their car by accident causing my health to fall below point zero, is nothing short of infuriating enough to turn the damn thing off while i cool down and wait for my patience meter to regenerate.

However, i sitll agree it has no place in most other genres.

lol, nice old lady segment.

Sandbox games, yay! Mindless fun, yay!

Shame the PC gamers seem to get shafted again.. et voila, PC release is set for January, apparently.

Oh well, at least it will give them some time to iron out all the horrible glitches and bugs if there are any. Think positive.

Just when I thought Yahtzee was getting the hang of reviewing games I would consider, in comes Saints Row 2. A horrible attempt to combine the (still not dead? WHY NOT!?) urban fad and GTA IV. Veni, vidi, threw it away.

Damn... Now I want it.

Yahtzee likes a sandbox game? That's something new. Almost rolled over laughing about the old ladies. As always awesome review. Brightens up my wednesday that's for sure.

Saints Row 2 is a lot of fun! I really enjoyed GTA4 as well, but I can't overlook the incredibly annoying bugs in SR2. If they had just polished up some of the bugs in SR2, it would have been an exceptional game. As is, the game freezes up a lot, the car physics like to go insane every so often, and AI will mess up during missions a bunch and make you replay from previous checkpoints to get them out of endless loops. It really breaks up the flow when you have to restart your xbox just to keep playing...

great review, I loved the old lady killing part.

Two things:

1)I wholeheartedly endorse giving Yahtzee whatever means necessary to have that Supervillain Sandbox style game see the light of day.

2)I would have never, EVER, *EVER* (shifts to 1999 Chris Jericho)EEEEEEEEVER (shifts back to normal) expected Yahtzee to make a Team Rocket reference.

Awesome video, this one feels a bit like the older ones again. Good job. I'll have to get around to playing Saints Row before I can say the review was spot on, but the complaints of GTA hit home with me.

Very good review, balancing the usual negativity (ultra-accurate shooting & regenerating health) with positives (have some bloody fun, gamers!) and even a gay joke or two.

"In my face! DO IT!"

Classic Yahtzee.

Yahtzee that was a sweet review im still laughing, keep up the epic reviews man your a legend a my game guru :D team rocket ref ROFL

I wanna throw old ladies into a turbine engine! Great review!

Oh man, this is gonna be interesting. I didn't even think Yahtzee would even want this game anywhere near him.

Grr! old ladies! :P

Anybody notice the Monty Python's Flying Circus reference?

Well done Yahtzee. It almost makes me want to play this game. Sadly I have no XBox and no heaps of money to throw around all willy-nilly.

I'll never be able to think of 'car jacking' in the same way again :)

yet another great review and another shock, he likes Saints Row better than GTA4

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