Zero Punctuation: Saints Row 2

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So he likes Saints Row 2 over GTA IV? Yahtzee's mind sure works in mysterious ways. Anyway, thanks Mr. Croshaw. I will pick this one up thanks to you. Personally, I do prefer mindless, cartoonish fun over realism. Why should playing a video game feel like something very close to real life?

Have no fear Yahtzee. I shalt be writing a treatment.. And then making an amateur version for you eventually....

Oh god doesn't that sound fanboyish..

So he likes Saints Row 2 over GTA IV? Yahtzee's mind sure works in mysterious ways. Anyway, thanks Mr. Croshaw. I will pick this one up thanks to you. Personally, I do prefer mindless, cartoonish fun over realism. Why should playing a video game feel like something very close to real life?

Please, any fan of the sandbox game has known this since Saints row 1, which I've always said was better then nay GTA ever made.

The fact that police in t he mall come after you on mini quads, or that you can make your entire gang ninja themed is just so frecking cool.

oh wow, a friend and i were just discussing the games that Yahtzee likes... time to add to the list :P (sorta)

Ragdolls flying into the distance Team Rocket Style! Holy crap, I'd totally forgotten about those guys!

That just made my week, Yahtzee. Well done!

Of all the games you could have reviewed.... you better do dead space next week or i'll slit your wrists with a rusty penis.

Good review i laughed a good bit, entertaining as ever. Keep it up.

Found myself laughing at this one, rather than just smirking as of late. Personally though, I'll be waiting for Mafia 2 as I've had the GTA series up the neck (as of San Andreas), and Saints Row holds no interest for me as a non-American.

As for a review of "Dead Space", that would be interesting to say the least. I hope he mentions the truly atrocious PC port of the game (the key-non-mapping function/non-function). And I didn't think EA could get worse...I was wrong.

Brilliant review!

I can't believe he actually went for the 9/11 joke. Tasteless even by Yahtzee's standards, which might be why I found that joke so uproariously funny. Brilliant review, one that actually makes me want to buy the game, bugs and all, so I can (as Yahtzee so eloquently put it) fuck shit up.

read the fine print: at the credits, he wrote that it bugged out on him so "imagine the review with 10% more bile in it".

I giggled at the "team rocket" bit, though. Ah, nostalgia...

I have always found just blowing shit away is the funnest thing you can do in these type of games that's why mercenaries always intrigued me, but just a little. The thing that mercenaries 2 didn't seem to exceed in was story, but apparently that's not the point of the game and was asking too much. i guess going into this kind of game i shouldn't expect as much from the story as i do from the actual gameplay. I hope it's worth the rent for the moderate praise that yahtzee gives so few games.




Ali Elfaki:
NIce cant w8 2 c...1st???

It's amazing, every week practically somebody just has to post something like this, and every week they are banned. It's like watching lemmings run off a cliff or something.

I know I really enjoy it. Anyway cool review I was hoping for Fable 2 but maybe next week.

P.S. The super villian game would kick so much ass.

I have no' tha sla'test idea how ta' get in touch with Yahtzee but Some'un please tell 'im 'at the game Evil Genius is fairly reminiscent of the Super Villain game he seem ta' be describing, soooo if I might suggest it (as pitifully unimportant as me' opinion be).

Awesome review, even if others seem to think when he praises a game 'e's no' funny I believe 'e is.

I really hope that post and your writing was a joke.

was that a Jackie Martling reference? laughing at dead baby jokes?

I'll never be able to think of 'car jacking' in the same way again :)

I totally LOLed at that scene.

Hahaha, Pokemon reference.

Another awesome video, offering relieving laughs after a long day at work.

Looks like an interesting game, I was tempted to buy it but there's too many more important games coming out in the next couple of months that deserve my money more.

Precisely my thoughts...
SR1 added innovations to the whole crime sandbox genre that made it better than GTA:SA, to which the GTA fanboys replied "Oh yeah? Well just wait until GTA4!!"

And then it arrived as a sort of really good version of GTA3...completely forgetting the awesomeness that was Vice City and San Andreas.

SR added an insanely simple yet perfectly functional garage system (No cramming cars into a garage or yellow box, just stick it in and the game SAVES it for use later, and if you blow it up, you just take it out again!)
It gave you the ability to replay any mission at any time you want after you'd completed it, something I was waiting for GTA to do ever since GTA3 when I had about 10 saved for all the missions I enjoyed doing.
Just overall SR stayed fun, while GTA4 had the gritty story and lifeless world full of meaningless distractions.

SR 2 > GTA 4.


you should pitch that Idea to a company, sounds fun.

Great review. I definitely agree with the 'we're on the verge of realism and now realise it's not that great'.

Was it the intent of this review to make me want to run out and buy this game? Prior to watching it I never realized I had such an interest in jumping out of helicopters onto old ladies.

funny, very funny. But seriously, review dead space there are some things in that game that scare the shit out of me. too much old lady bashing


Nice review as always. Keep it up.

Have never played a Saints Row game, but some observations.

Why should ALL game makers either produce games based on fun or realism? I like GTA4 BECAUSE it feels like I am in a different world. One where I can do shit, and not get punished for it in real life. It does not feel like playing a game, but that is the point. It feels like virtual reality. It is not for everybody, but some like it. If Rockstar wants to make the most realistic game ever, GREAT! There will be others to make the cartoony type stuff as well.

Also, you all can think what you want, but in terms of sheer quality, not many games stack up to GTA4. What was that, Yahtzee? 'Games as art'?

One of the funnier reviews you've put out in the last year. Good stuff. And a sandbox game where you get to run around as the Riddler would be farking AWESOME. There'd have to be a mini-game where you get to choose your henchman's uniform and decide which ones come with you when you go to steal the Giant Pharaoh's Diamond (or something) at the Gotham Museum and which ones get to stay behind and work on new gadgets to throw at Batman.

I wonder how many copies of Saint's Row 2 have been sold by this ZP?

I wonder if he realises that Batman supervillain game is out next year.

I wonder if he realises that Batman supervillain game is out next year.

really? i would like to see a link.

pretty funny as usual.. exept the remark about dead baby jokes. like ' how do you get a baby in a jar? Blender' or how do you get a baby out a jar? doritoes. lol

i totally agree i went out and bought it the day it came out... ive played it soooooo much that the health bar found a way 2 burn itself into my screen so now everytime i watch tv i wanna play saints row XD

... there goes my 1000$ TV


Xbox gamer tag ~ TCF Tomany2

Amazing how many people didn't even consider touching SR2. You may want to lay off pretending to hate everything as you probably think Yahtzee does. The first SR isn't AS fun, in depth, as SR2, but it was alot more polished. (I can't tell if that's not saying much or a lot.) I had tons of fun playing SR2 and I still am, I figured Yahtzee would also. Although online is more annoying as ever. I don't know which is done more, everyone spamming pipe bombs all over the map or little kids/"wangsters" screaming the n-bomb and swear words.

What I found more funny was that I had so much fun playing SR2, I thought to myself "Hey! Great idea! Let's... POP GTAIV right back in!" ROFL, talk about a brick wall of difference. Everything was blurry and filtered, I was expecting health regen, it was harder moving around as slow as sin, I got arrested several times within the first 10 minutes, and killing 1 cop gave me an unexpected 12 stars.

I couldn't agree more with this review. NOTHING wins my heart more than a game in which you play a retarded sociopath. Fucking fantastic.

Laughed my fucking ass off Ben.

Great Job.

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