Zero Punctuation: Saints Row 2

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Is that 787 that the granny is being hurled into at the end of the video?

If it is, then, sorry, no turbines to be hurled into yet.

I wonder if he realises that Batman supervillain game is out next year.

What, Arkham Asylum? MK vs. DC? DC Universe Online?

Why oh why oh why, didn't he review a shit game! I'm speaking about far cry 2, there is still hope I guess. Anyway great review as always however I won't get the game, I only watch the reviews for the lulz :)

"Finally,the calvalry has arrived,in cynical englishman form!"

-unoffical SR veteran.


I wonder if he realises that Batman supervillain game is out next year.

really? i would like to see a link.

DC Universe Online?

I disappointed that you didn't get a chance to review Dead Space but I'm glad you liked Saints Row 2.

Now I want to play this game more because GTA IV (while still great) disappointed me as it wasn't as over the top ala San Andreas and as we all know Saints Row copies that GTA more than the others... with an obvious reason why!

The review was not as funny others but the point stuck out brilliantly!

I can't believe he actually went for the 9/11 joke. Tasteless even by Yahtzee's standards, which might be why I found that joke so uproariously funny.

Brits seem to have more balls when it comes to making jokes of which many will shame.

Best one in a long time. Who says these are only funny when he hates the game?!

If this game really is a ridiculous-beyond-any-hope-of-believability version of GTA, I might actually try it.

I might buy it when its cheaper. Anything to get the fun of GTA4 without having to make sure people liked me.

And that crack about 'jacking' cars says all kind of fucked up shit about you that i dont even wanna think about, Yahtzee.

I can't believe he actually went for the 9/11 joke. Tasteless even by Yahtzee's standards.

Chin up lad, thats the way. Its been 8 years since 9/11 so its offically up for grabs when it comes to cheap jokes. Sorry.

I'm gunna Take that as a Good game! Bravo Saints Row 2 you have achieved the almost impossible...getting a merely flawless report from yatzee himself! /applaud :D

Jesus, to the people saying "LOL THX YAHTZEE NOW I'LL SURELY GET THIS GAME" are idiots. The game is fantastic, but you shouldn't need one person to decide whether or not you'll purchase it.

The sad part is that these same people bash others for being fanboys.... ugh. Great video though, you're definitely getting back to your own form.

great review. the 9/11 reference was a little touchy, but a great review none the less.

I know you're going to fling all this "It's his opinion, you have no jurisdiction over it, I am a righteous cunt," so I'm just going to ignore that and say what I think should be said.

This was a bad review. Sure, everyone is going to compare this game to GTA4, and maybe it is, in fact, better, but he still flaunted his new relationship with Saints Row 2 in front of his ex, GTA4, who was never a good friend anyway. But he took it a tad too far, because not many people usually make love to their new friend in front of their old, shite friend.

One thing that got to me was how the actual review for Saints Row 2 was muffled over the sound of him saying why it's so much better than GTA4, which is not a very good way to rate a game at all, especially when the game is more immature than a 6th grader on cocaine. I don't think Saints Row 2 outdoes GTA4 at all. If Rockstar wanted to make peds go flying when you slam your grill against them, they would have done so. If they wanted you to be a gay black pimp, they would have done that as well. But they didn't, because that's just fucking stupid. It was very surprising to hear someone of such uprightness to say SR2 was better than GTA4 for the reasons he provided.

Not only that, but neither game is better. Either of the creators, Rockstar or THQ, could have done whatever they wanted with their game. Rockstar could have made Saints Row 2, THQ could have published GTA4. It only depends on whether you want an normal, realistic round of slamming peoples' brains against the hood of your car or if you want a colorful, retarded, flashing-lights sort of round of sending people a thousand feet into the air by tapping them with your grill. Personally, I'd go with the former, because I graduated from 6th grade a very long time ago.

I mean, GTA4 may have tons of pointless elements to it, but I don't know why you thought that was more important that how you can do 150 in a Lamborghini down a city street, fly out of your windshield, shatter your spine, get up, then massacre thousands of cops with an M$ while chucking grenades left and right, and watching their fat asses fly into the air. I was expecting Yahtzee to consider that over how your can just deny all phone calls from your friends altogether. You'd think if he had damp enough respect to kill old ladies naked, then he'd be twat enough to make use of his freedom to use a cell phone and not talk to any of his friends while he's doing 170 down an airstrip, about to ramp hundreds of feet on a dirt bike.

"But random commenter, you don't have to read his reviews." Well, I do. Because all other reviewers are robots. But I suppose a review like this is what sets him apart from all reviewers in some way, that he would actually like some retarded festival of blood and dicks, rather than the normal formula of shitty drama, gray, and huge people with guns taking part in games that should be worth ten American dollars for how short they are, and maybe $7 for how annoying the multiplayer can be. But we're also talking about two Sandbox Crime games, and the bottom line is, there's no way GTA4 can be outdone by a festival of blood and dicks. As though GTA doesn't get so close to that, anyway. And I don't know what the hell is wrong with Yahtzee.

Heh, great one. Oh god I laughed so hard. Unsubtle poo-spraying cousin to the Riddler, jacking cars, the old lady bit. Pure awesome.

Plus you're correct: A sanbox is a place for screwing around and having fun. If you want a super realistic sandbox city, go outside. Not as much fun, is it?

But we're also talking about two Sandbox Crime games, and the bottom line is, there's no way GTA4 can be outdone by a festival of blood and dicks.

Oh, but it has. It also sounds like you're taking the game way too seriously. Take off those realism glasses, because apparently comedy and satire don't exist in your world.

i wasn't much for saints row 1, but i kinda want this one now :D pwn old ladies!

Yes, I have heard a lot of good things about the Saints Row games from various friends, and if Yahtzee himself felt it was a decent game, then I may have to pick up the PC version next year. Heavens forbid I can actually afford a 360 anytime soon and all. <_<;

I really enjoyed the review, too. I laughed a fair ammount, which is always good with these.

The last good GTA game insofar as I am concerned was Vice City. San Andreas was too dreary, the races are annoying as hell, and gods the game was just too ... well, coffee filter coloured. Not trying to make a racist remark but there were browns and greys everywhere. CJ's clothes always looked dusty. That's it, dusty, the game had a very dusty look. I hear GTA4 also suffers from a massive ammount of dust.

Vice City had the best music (go 80's), was brighter and more cheerful. And a lot more comedic, too.

Yahtzee is SO right! There totally needs to be a supervillain sandbox game! I'd buy it!

Hmmm well I do tend to agree that SR 2 is better than GTA IV, however I would remind everyone that despite the comments comparing the two, Yahtzee seemed to like GTA IV in his review also, despite making a lot of the same criticisms.

Overall I tend to agree that they need to find ways of balancing realism and fun. I do not think the two are mutally exclusive.

I like Yahtzee's supervillain idea. It seems the general idea for a game like that has been out there for a while, but no one really ran with it. For example they came up with that "Infamous" game that still has to be released, but apparently it doesn't feature any real character customization.

If someone could say combine Saint's Row and the City Of Heroes/Villains franchise into a single player sandbox game with heavy character creation it would be awesome beyond belief.

Has Yahtzee EVER heard of City of Villains/City of Heroes? :S

Two things:

1)I wholeheartedly endorse giving Yahtzee whatever means necessary to have that Supervillain Sandbox style game see the light of day.

2)I would have never, EVER, *EVER* (shifts to 1999 Chris Jericho)EEEEEEEEVER (shifts back to normal) expected Yahtzee to make a Team Rocket reference.

ditto on both counts!

I've wanted a Gotham City Sandbox game for many years, and with comics being extremely popular and sandbox games really popular too, WHY HAVEN'T I PLAYED THE RIDDLER COMMITTING A SHIT CRIME?

Roses are Red
Mahogany is Brown
and so is poo.
You're in the crapper Batman.
So pull yourself off the can!

OK, I got it working now. Probably site traffic issues.

Here's hoping his Batman Villian game gets made!

Has anyone mentioned the game 'Evil Genius' for PC to Yahtzee yet?

You play as one of three evil geniuses who attempt to take over the world. Hire minions, fend off agents trying to take you down. The missions you do are completely optional, though you have to do some as part of a set.

You eventually DO build up one of three doomsday devices. It's an awesome game.

Heh... it's apparent Yahtzee has not been trying out City of Heroes/City of Villains. Practically most of the intro of the review could equally well be describing CoX since it :

- Is a sandbox city crime game
- Is a game where you can play both batman and a batman villain
- Has character customization that is straight-jackert-wearning, small-animal-tormening insane.
- Has freeze rays and jetpacs.

For example: me and me roleplaying buddies wanted to roleplay 17'th century pirates that had gotten hijacked by a time-warp and landed us in modern day Paragon City. And guess what: the char customization lets us be exactly that... all the way down to Adjanah's cute shoulder dragon Francis.

Anyway: fun review, and most informative I thoght. :)


In my opinion GTA is a better game then Saints Row 2. And as for Roman, am I the only one who threw bricks at him before dismantling him with a shotgun? Most of the fun in that game required you to make it up yourself, I actually liked that, felt the game gave you a pat on the back for bothering to drive a motorcycle up onto a rooftop so you drive off onto cars and pedestrians below. I guess I preferred that to being force fed mini games.

I must agree though that games are beginning to opt for compelling story lines and in your face graphics then good old pistol whipping, Bacon grilling, Bullet dodging, B.F.G fun which we used to get. These modern games lack imagination. (Fracture, a good example of an unimaginative idea added to a simplistic shitty 3rd person shooter). I'm looking forward to games like Brutal Legend. Games that show imagination. That the creators took more time into thinking up ideas then spending vast amounts of cash on advertising and calculating their profits (or if we're talking about 3D realms, playing world of warcraft and shlobbing).

Also nice vids. Very entertaining, honest as well.

Those poor old ladies. They didn't stand a chance.

Also forgot to add, I don't know if Yahtzee was being sarcastic, but old ladies CAN be thrown into a turbine, but likely by chance. Crowd Control activity at the airport map, hopefully an old lady will pop up.

I am a really big fan of GTA, but Saints Row 2 is better than GTA4 story and Gameplay.
The only thing in GTA4 i like better than Saints Row 2 is running people over.

I've been kind of disappointed with the last 5 reviews, but then the joke about car-jacking had me laughing thought the entire review. Good one!

BTW. Why does Yahtzee keep using that picture of David Hasselhoff?

Also there's always "Evil Genius"... it's not Sandbox but a mix between Dungeon Keeper 2 and The Sims, but it's probably the closest you'll get you'll get to play an Evil Mastermind trying to take over the world with a ginormous laser while setting up traps to capture and torture super agents like James Bond or Batman for countless hours of mindless fun :P



I wonder if he realises that Batman supervillain game is out next year.

really? i would like to see a link.

DC Universe Online?

ah, that ive heard of it, but its a mmo, i though you were talking about a single player game.

I Liked:

Constant going on at old ladies
Brief mention of fun vs realism

I disliked:

Comparison to GTA4 (I guess its necessary though)
The fact that you didn't really say anything super-villain worthy this week

Keep it up.

I would actually buy this game after watching this review. That usually can't be said after one of his reviews. I loved the "massaging" of the tail pipe.....Is it weird I was excited by that??!!

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