Going Gold: Comix Zone

Going Gold: Comix Zone

Unless the videogames industry wants to follow comic books into being nothing more than a conveyor-belt of idea for Hollywood, it better start learning from the mistakes of the once-mighty comics industry.


The adolescent male population may be a powerful demographic, but there's always a way to corner it. The one thing that it desires more than anything else, but most of them are prevented by peer pressure/society/self-ignorance.

And if they don't get that, they turn to violence.

Which is why panels like this exist...


Watchmen. Not 'The Watchmen'.

So you want deep, thoughtful, less paperback dime-novels and more "The Old Man and the Sea" sort of thing?

Uh, how about: anything by Chris Ware, or "Blankets" or "Fun Home" or any of the myriad comics that people just don't know about because we're busy going "Oh, DC and Marvel, Dark Horse and Image are the only publishers out there." You're looking in all the wrong places.

I also think anything by Mark Millar that isn't part of the rehashed story lines are pretty good. "Wanted" was great (movie not so much). Even superheroes have grown up. Millar's "Red Son" is an excellent parable and I enjoyed the Civil War series and Ed Brubaker's story line for the Death of Captain America.

this is one of the most insightful articles ive ever read on the video game medium. everyone knows the parallels between games and comics, the demographics, the public perceptions etc. but very few people take the where you took it. it made me realize why comics failed, and how the industry can avoid the pitfalls that took down the comics industry. the real question here is do we want our medium to become movies? or comic books. personally ill take movies.

Even though I agree on the heavy nonsense that comics have become (and that the harm caused by the CCA is monstrous), I think comic authors are also mainly happy of that, they make a lot of childish, nonsensical plots (Quesada and Palmiotti have also made the terrible Painkiller Jane), and tits.

While I like sultry wenches clad in skimpy outfits fighting mutant gorillas from outer space, it's true it's retarded, and video games are following the same pattern.
I'd say it's everybody's fault, and no, Nintendo is still acting silly.
Remaking Animal Crossing and making WiiMusic ? I'm sorry but it's like retconning the whole Spider-Man storyline yet again and rebooting Archie Comics as well...

Interesting article, but I'd like to point out that President Obama is an admitted fan of comic books, and even starred in a "Spiderman meets the president" book. So, yeah, he owns it.

Edit: And then I realize this article is four years old. Go me, I guess?


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