Review: Dragon Quest IV

Review: Dragon Quest IV

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Sooo... Shigesato Itoi jokingly said Mother 1 was Dragon Quest with different sprites and then Enix/Square-Enix blatantly steal Mother 3's play-like narrative style years later? Hmmm... I disapprove of this, but wonder if DQIV comes close to Mother 3's skill at provoking real emotions out of the player. It seems to do this, based on the review. I'm all for games connecting with you, but a style so close to Mother 3's after only two years of its release...? Hmm.

Except Dragon Quest 4 is 18 years old.

It's a remake, you oik.

Yeah, Dragon Quest IV was the last of the series released for the NES, and the last of the series released in the US until the brief appearance of Dragon Quest VII before the most recent resurrection on the PS2. DQIV is probably my favorite one, particularly because of the scene-changing character variety. At the time, it was quite unique.

Dragon Quest IV is to Dragon Quest what Final Fantasy IV is to Final Fantasy - it's when the series began to move into the realm of having deeper characters and telling more complex stories. DQIV was behind the curve here though, coming out after FFIV and on the NES instead of the then-current SNES.

That said, like most remakes, this game is most appealing to people that are otherwise fans of the series or at least know what they're getting into.

I know this is some epic level of thread necromancy, but I just wanted to point out that Dragon Quest/Warrior IV is one of those games that will probably very soon be lost in the sands of time. I was practically raised on this game and and love it to this day. Sometimes I get frustrated that quality like this is so easily looked over by most, but at least it's not looked over by all.


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