This Week in Gaming History

This Week in Gaming History

This week in videogame history is home to hostile takeovers, Gears of War and more MMOs than you can shake a Murloc at.

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Seriously, that song's cultural place is with Donnie Darko. I don't mind them using the Devotchka song from Little Miss Sunshine in the newest trailer since that song gets passed around any movie trying to be "deep", but Gary Jules version of Mad World will forever involve a dude in a creepy rabbit suit for me.

Bonus: the original is really stellar if you're in an eighties mood.

Gotta agree with Jeffries.

Although I did enjoy the trailer, that cover of "Mad World" fits perfectly Donnie Darko.

Nevertheless, it's nice to seen what Gears has achieved and it's second trailer as well.

BonusĀ²: If you're going to listen to the original "Mad World", you might as well listen to the "Tears for Fears" album and enjoy :)

Oh, EA... your antics never fail to amuse me


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