Review: Dead Space

Review: Dead Space

Dead Space isn't just a masterful homage to the sci-fi horror genre: It will make you scream like a little girl.

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The first hour of this game consists of the scariest, most entertaining elements possible. After that, it just gets repetetive, and every horror movie cliche gets used.

The first hour of this game consists of the scariest, most entertaining elements possible. After that, it just gets repetetive, and every horror movie cliche gets used.

I find that the case with every horror game that I've played. Once you've played it for a bit you get atuned to what to expect and can predict it, which is rather annoying. The only way to stop it is to play it for an hour or so, then come back a week later when you've forgotten the cliches. However I can understand the desire to carry on with a game 'oh, to the next save point' and have often found myself looking away from the TV to see the sun rising.

From what I've seen so far, even if the gameplay does get repetitive, the story far outweighs that.

Game = Good

That's my review. I know, I'm good.

Code error on page 2 young russell. though I wish I had a next gen console right now

I'm waiting for a price drop. Too many negative reviews from horror fans to justify £40.

Good review. This does indeed look like a sweet game. I'll definitely get to playing it sometime (Damn you and your massive content, Fallout 3!..... just kidding, looove you...)

This is a fantastic game - although I would suggest a better comparison would be RE:4 meets Doom3. There is no doubt Dead Space borrows very heavily from Doom3 in style, aesthetic, even many story elements and in-game clichés (audio logs, monster closets, etc) - but I have no problem with any of that as I'm a big fan of id's last masterpiece. This seems, to me, to be Doom3 revisited in many ways, just done a whole lot more convincingly. And it is a fantastic game with sky-high production values in every department. A wonderful, wonderful single-player game and an outstanding example to all developers of just how good it can be when a singular vision is adhered to without distraction and focus on those core values is maintained throughout an entire development cycle.

Well done, EA Redwood Shores. Utterly gobsmacked.

This game is the win , although everything was repeated. Walking , Scary Monster , Walking ,Monster ,Obtaining Vital item , Walking back to my first posision , another monster. I wont play Dead Space twice. Though game was neat , nice graphics though there were few choises of weapons :/ But all in all good game. Great review.

For me personally it was the best game I've played this year... Graphics, atmosphere, sound effects - very well made in deed. Even though I don't find myself a major fan of horror (unless it's japanese and really scary) this game made me change my mind. I played fallout 3 wright after and thought it's nothing in comparison... maybe the fact that it's basicly the same as Elder Scrolls 4 : Oblivion backs up that opinion - what Bethesda did is make a copy of a former game with a new terrain, weapons and the characters cursing every now and then. Oh, they included the "V.A.T.S." ... yea - it's a good feature but it doesnt make the game all that different...

So as I was saying - play Dead Space - it may be familiar but it's incredibly well made and will not disappoint you.

I really liked the game, though it could have been better. There were a few things that annoyed me, like how static the environment was. There were many objects that were evidently made of indestructible super material, and bolted to the walls or floors by similar super material bolts).
Some of the monsters get a little repetitious, but at the same time no less frightening. In a way I was almost lulled into a sense of confidence after the fifth one, and then was promptly attacked from behind, by one of the monsters I though would be easy to beat.
It is however, one of my favorite games. More so than most games I have played Dead Space forces the player into the world and mentality of the game. I recall being surprised at my own paranoia after I shot at a monster that was dead lying on the ground, which the game had trained me into by making monsters feint death (I still shot him a few times to be sure).
Buy this game, turn your lights off, and turn the volume up. It is an exciting emotional experience to play this game as it was meant to be played.

" ... as half-heartedly exciting as watching your granny strip naked."

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.



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