Stolen Pixels #36: You Only Hurt the Ones Who Love You

Stolen Pixels #36: You Only Hurt the Ones Who Love You

EA has the power to crush you like a bug, but won't use it. Unless, you know, you deserve it.


Then again, you're just being cynical and fail to appreciate what EA is doing for you with this.

Whatever that is.

I burst out laughing at the last panel. Good work here Shamus!

I love that guy.

Stolen Pixels fans should check out the deleted scenes over at (Shamus Young has not paid me for this plug, which is something I'm going to have to discuss with him.)

Bongo Bill:
I love that guy.

Yess, he is so schmarmy!

Great work Shamus! Out of interest, who is that EA guy?

Eagle Est1986:
Great work Shamus! Out of interest, who is that EA guy?

I know Shamus's secret, but I will never tell ;)

The EA guy is a model on a pretty standard stock photo site. I don't know his name or anything. He kind of reminds me of Herb Tarlek, which is icing on the cake.

i dont think you have to be cynical to ask yourself for whats that DRM system, just dont be a blind EA fanboy, if something like that exists.

Now if only EA would release an EULA regarding what constitutes behavior worthy of revoking a user's games.

Just incase something happens buy 2 Red Alert 3's. That made me laugh so hard, great work!

Man, EA is to gaming comedians like George Bush is to Political comedians.

It's because they care, guys. Just keep telling yourself that and it'll all be good.

To be fair, a forum moderator is not exactly a spokescritter for EA. (On the other hand, they're as close as us normal people usually ever get, due to EA's determination to keep developers and customers separated by as large a wall as possible.)

Doesn't excuse having this kind of evil ability, though.

Ahhh, isn't it adorable how nothing quite boosts online piracy like the threat of advanced copy protection?

Wow, that's really horrible.


Thankfully I don't play any EA games online, really. But I thought about doing it with C&C 3, and now I really, really don't wish to.

It's amusing how, as pointed out, the people least likely to be affected by this are the pirates.

haha funny panel, but i think they should only take games from you if you are modding on multiplayer games i dont see a big deal on singleplayer only games.

So does Valve since Steam could easily lock you out of your games if Valve so wishes. People don't have it in for Valve though, yet.


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