Zero Punctuation: Fable 2

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I keep getting a 404 error as well. Is there something wrong with the website?

Prefered his review for the first game. Still good though. Have been waiting a long time for this review.

How come we can't get a ZP podcast, we did have one for a while but it died a quiet death for some reason.

damn noobs be overloading the server.

edit: watched feel better now sorry noobs.

Dog at the end had me in stiches!

"Daddy, why is there a hole in mommy?" indeed. I've been waiting for this one.

i just can't watch it at all. sometimes there is no, sometimes ZP isn't there, sometimes i can't go to the video, and when i can, it only shows a contraction of the control bar in a big grey space

I now launch a question!!!

Does Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw review sports game?!

Here is a mirror

Hopefully I didn't violate the TOS or anything, but until the servers stop freaking out, I can lend some bandwidth.

Server seems to be back up.

I now launch a question!!!

Does Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw review sports game?!

I certainly hope not, 'cause that would be as redundant as bashing yahtzee-online.

...stays stuck on the banjo-kazooie advert ... ok , had to use IE

I am certainly not going to call my doggy woggy.. "chips". That is, if the game will ever come out for PC.

really funny review!
and although this is not at all a bad thing, there is more and more PUNCTUATION to yahtzee's ranting. anyway, the point is that it actually is very enjoyable, and not meant (hopefully) to be taken too seriously as criticism.

Yahtzee you are the bomb! The part about how you can't kill your kid, had me laughing my ass off! I think Fable 2 is byfar better than Fable 1, and I planning on playing through a second time as a female evil character rather than a male good character. Plus we should get some sweet downloadable content updates in the future.

Also I think the combat system this time around kicks ass, I like how you can slow time, then summon undead minons then roll to the side and take out your enemies with ranged attacks.

Damn it, was hoping for Far Cry 2. Good review though.

Funniest ZP review in a LONG time! Really drives home the "why would you want to?" aspects of these types of games.

He forgot about the billions of game breaking glitches! Well not billions of them, maybe tens of them. Still a lot.

The game was still loads better then Fable 1.

I love Fable 2 and I've found this review to be quite right and totally fair.

Yahtzee for President then!


good point, why cant you marry your dog?

this seems just like a medievil sims, which is also easier...

i might get it, im sick of sims XD

I haven't played fable 2 yet but I also ran into the problem of Not being able to kill the Children in Fallout 3 and frankly I don't see why not. I don't see why killing a shorter NPC is that much worse than all the other morally evil and ambiguous things you can do in both Fable and Fallout so why is this taboo?

I mean come on. I wasn't even able to sell them into slavery though God knows I tried. So please, game designers, let me be as much of an evil douchebag as I possibly can.

Though at least in Fable your character can get a girl. In fallout 3 I wasn't able to get a single NPC to swing that way, let along get my character laid. The Mass Effect Character was able to and he/she didn't have to put up with half the sh*t that Fallout 3 has in store for you.

Far Cry 2,Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead will be reviewed just after this commercial.

Jaaaar, but it still won't stop me from buying it when it's available on PC :D

And btw, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, would you like to marry me? x))

The dog was the best part of the entire game. I keep playing it just for that.

I still like Fable 2.
Definitively more interesting than Fallout 3, which looks and feels
so much like Oblivion I get sick just thinking about the lost potential.
One of the best RPG franchices ever + One of the most horrendous developers of something
they have the nerve to call RPGs = Not good.

I see I'm not the only one that has a beef with Peter. I have to say I feel the same way about Fable 2, I just saw it in action and thought that it wasn't anything special.(Anyone else getting bored of cookie-cutter fantasy worlds?)

Let's see if he goes for the Fallout 3 review. (Though I doubt it would happen if he ends up liking the game.) So far Fallout 3 is competing for my favorite game of all time. (Sorry Gordon Freeman, but this is quite a contender...)

EDIT: Doubt L4D would be next because it will give him very little time to review it; alternatively, it could be an incredibly short game...

Decent review. Not his best.
Here's for hoping he's been playing Fallout 3 like the rest of the planet.
It won't be left 4 dead because it'll have been released for one day and Yahtzee hates multiplayer.

WHY CAN'T I MARRY MY DOG? Amazing. The best Yahtzee quote so far. I really liked the video.

"When I try to open the video, this thing appears:

404 Error: File Not Found

This page does not exist - the link you followed may be broken or out of date. Please check the menu above for the content that you're looking for.

Does it happen only to me?"

It did for me earlier, but it's fine now, so I'm guessing it was just getting a lot of traffic. Try it again.

As for the video, Yahtzee, you've done it again! One of your funnier videos.

Christ this was harsh. Still enjoyed Fable 2 though.

Hands up who loved the ending :)

Hopefully it's Mirror's Edge next week

Yay Yahtzee, you are my favourite reviewer just for how brutally unforgiving you are, so many others are ass-kissers, bending over to advertising, pushy PR and worst of all, rabid fan boys. I don't always agree with the final verdict, but you aren't afraid of pointing out shit gameplay mechanics if they are there.

It would be great if he got a hold of Little Big Planet, which compared to the likes of Mario Galaxy or Garry's mod, I would really like to hear from him if it is worth the hype it has been getting.

BEST. REVIEW. EVER. Its like he was attached to my brain and said everything I was thinking.

Very funny. One of those videos that builds itself up as a typical bitter review, then kicks you in the gut with hilarity when you're starting to get comfortable.

I've been hoping for a CAD style Pure Pwnage bashing after they did that little bit on you a few episodes back. Do it.

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