Review: Sacred 2

Review: Sacred 2

Sacred 2 is bigger than God - and just as hard to get acquainted with.

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Sacred 2 looks like a fresh (not really) idea brought to the table. Hopefully RPG creators will notice that the game is not all about the Tolkenian aspects of the game, but how enjoyable the game will be to the players.

i tried getting into the Original Sacred, and just couldent..

It's good to see Ascaron making games with mainstream appeal, but personally I'd love to see them take all those Euros and make Patrician 4.

The 360 version is rapidly becoming one of my favorite games of the year! It took a lot of people in the shop convincing me of the brilliance of it! It reminds me alot of Diablo 2 but with extra knobs and whistles and a weird sense of humour. I give it the thumbs up but then again I didn't hate 2 worlds so take that at your peril!


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