Stolen Pixels #38: An Untenable Thesis

Stolen Pixels #38: An Untenable Thesis

War...war never changes. Wait a minute, yes it does!



I've always noticed that about the Fallout series, and that each one was different from the last.

Still, Golly Jeepers is now in my vocabulary.


Still, Golly Jeepers is now in my vocabulary.


Well... you're never fighting a war in any Fallout : P Perhaps "the world never changes" would be more fitting ;)

I always thought when that was said, War Never Changes, they were talking about the war that lead to the Fallout world being how it is.
So who's to say that that war was different from all them others? I mean, it probably was, but you can't prove it.

War. Huh! Good God Y'all. What is it good for?


Selling video games?

Please don't scare my 2 headed cow. Huh... i guess war is pretty different.
Thats amazing! Good job :P

war doesn't change, but the battles often do.

"Except the Mutant things, those are new"


I lol'ed.

God...the one time I wish a popular saying was true. Regardless, I loled.

Best one so far I reckon, and those portable nuke launchers are pretty nifty!

Now that I think about it, two-headed cows and supermutants are ancient history : P

"The year is 2068. Things have changed. The millennium wars ruined the world's cities. The Grey Tremor Plague of 2017 reduced the population by a third. Radiation from the Thanatos meltdown radically altered the gene pool..."

Oh whoops! Wrong game.

Apparently they're using the term "war" as some sort of metaphor for the struggle to survive. Who knew?

"Except the Mutant things, those are new"


I lol'ed.

Hey! Don't rag on the mutant things limited vocabulary, thesauruses are rare post apocalypse.

Nice comic by the way.

The old "War...War never changes" is as iconic to Fallout as "One Ring to Rule Them All" s to the Lord of the Rings.

Maybe it's Fallout that doesn't change in aspect of war? No, wait - did it used to be a 1st/3rd person shooter?

the guy who does the war never changes thing means that the cause and effect of war havent changed.


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