de-rez: The Final Days of the Man Responsible for SecuROM

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The Final Days of the Man Responsible for SecuROM

Gamers of the world unite to give EA, and the inventor of SecuROM what they deserve.


Killing Cliffy B is brilliant.

Gamers aren't people, we are virtual guitarists.

F'ing brilliant - one of the best so far - keep em coming!

I love you Chris Slack

Nicely done! I loved watching the slow spiral downward into insanity.

Okay, uh, I have an idea. We, uh, we draw straws, and the loser runs across the lot with a ham sandwich.

Great video man.


An excellent parody/homage to The Lost Tape: Andy's Terrifying Last Days Revealed in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead.

Probably my favourite De-Rez yet.

hahaha "I've got like 10000 rounds of amunition, you need that kind of stuff when you work for EA" That line kept me laughing for the entire thing, best joke ever! This is my favorite De-rez yet!

Well done dude, I normaly don't watch de-rez but this one was great. Well done.

but they got those dice up my ass LOL. that was hilarious. de-rez is one of my favorite.

i understand why EA guys would need thousands of round of ammunition

"I've got like, 10000 rounds of ammunition, you need that kind of stuff when you work for EA"
Seconded Lolage at that, nice.
And you could probably see this happening to the guy who came up with the DRM for Spore.
"Your saving throw is fail, sir"

You always think of great endings. I loved how he says "I'm killing gamers so like...I'm not actually killing anyone!"

I don't like securom, but this sounds like he didn't deserve this. I felt sorry for him

I don't like securom, but this sounds like he didn't deserve this. I felt sorry for him

Really? I've got a Zocchideron already for him.


I loved it but as a gamer I wouldn't waste dice up his bum when I can find year old Chicken soup in a air tight tupperware bowl and a turkey baster, good dice are fairly hard to find and they only cause pain if they are eight or four siders anyway, year old chicken soup will eat him from the inside out!

"we're ea we can put anything in our games" brilliant keep up the good work.

I love you Chris Slack! That was fucking hilarious! I love the Dawn of the Dead remake.

Its ok! Gamers aren't people!

... AWESOME...

Hands down my favorite video ever. The Dawn of the Dead spoof was brilliant man. Nice one, Chris!

Haha! Really liked this one. Nice work bro!

but they got those dice up my ass. ROFL LMAO LOL....phew...ouch my face hurt now.

jajah, this was a good one, ``they bited me, and they got those dice up my ass´´

but if that EA guy was injured by gamers and nerds, he will become one?

Hah, brilliant one. Loved the last line, finished it off so well.

That was really really good!

Absolutely perfectly written, best one so far I reckon.

It's nice to see how much you've been improving over the last 6 or so epsiodes, keep up the good work, this one had me laughing regularly.

Another great video. Makes it quite funnier when if you watch it after you have seen The Lost Tape.

That was an awesome tribute. It's actually kinda believable.

First of all, I would just like to say L-O-L. Funny stuff especially when he started sniping gamers. I know i am a gamer but even i hate other gamers so i was rolling when he said gamers aren't people causer its true for the most part.

*goes scrounging for his Dawn of the Dead DVD again*
That was awesome. Could just visualise Andy doing those exact same scenes. Although no goldfish killing scene... Spose EA employees are such a blight that nothing can survive near them.

Every De-Rez is unique. You have to risk having the occasional poor one if you want to do something different every time. Thankfully, this wasn't one of the poor ones.

Peter molyneux and cliffy b!!!

One of the best De-Rez so far.

Nice, but come on Chris. Stop messing around and do us a real zombie flick. (like Daniels story part 3)

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