Review: Wipeout HD

Review: Wipeout HD

Been to a rave recently? Then you're a strong candidate for Wipeout HD.

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No mention of online multiplayer? Online tournaments are the best part :)

I love this game to the point of absurdity, but unfortunately haven't touched it since I got Motorstorm: PR. The latter just seems more entertaining to me.

Mmmm... quite negative.... without even mentioning how hard it gets.
Still, I love this game and it's a bargain at only £8.00, looks fantastic, runs perfectly. Other than the small amount of tracks, it's damn near flawless.

Edit: Also, how on Earth was this posted on Jan 1st 1970 at 00.00?

Worst review ever. No coverage of on-line which is smooth as silk? So lame. Also of note, this game will never be on disk. I will be anyone cash money that new track packs will be coming out for a low fee to add on to WipeOut HD.


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