Editor's Note: Industry Negligence

Industry Negligence

The games industry has come a long way in the last three decades, but this week we've pinpointed a few areas where there's still plenty of progress to be made.

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Games have greatly expanded their fields of activity.

It's a funny thing to see such a medium grow from simple text-based one-man projects to multi-million enterprises.

Some times called art and others simply consumable products, games have inevitably grown into the cultural expression of one and possibly many-to-come generations.

Don't let yourself be impressed with what has already been achieved. There's still a long way to go and though largely progressing, the medium far from perfection.

Sadly gaming, while an art, is still an industry and while I agree things have gotten better in many ways too many companies care only about the bottom line. More is required to 'make' a game because of the increased art requirements. Because of this fewer games are made, fewer idealists make it to positions like lead design and games that are published are published to the mass market more than to those of us who were once the only gamers around. The Expansion is a good thing but at the same time has changed what a game is and forces us to look beyond the mainstream for good quality games.

Personally I feel it is on us as the gamers to support the Indie crowd, to go above and beyond and to hold our game companies up to a higher standard. Many good games have come out and more are on the way but for a long time we have had a lul in good games for any system, and fewer real games overall.

The industry has grown but if we want to keep it safe we need to keep them in check and ensure they know what we want.

Actually after the recent rash of over hyped games that have been released within the last month I sadly have to disagree with that comment. Honestly it feels like games are devolving.
Sure graphics are getting prettier but is there really anything else that is getting better ?
Hell is there anything else that is staying at a acceptable level ?
For the most part gameplay is becoming shallower or even clunkier, storylines are definatly dying, humour is all but dead already. Seriously, nowadays its all about the game being pretty and having multiplayer and thats it.
Take any modern game and I bet I could find a similar game that was done alot better many years ago.


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