The Escapist Film Festival: First Place: Arcadocalypse

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First Place: Arcadocalypse

Tied for first place in this year's Escapist Film Festival, this is the story of two gamers who find themselves the targets when videogame characters invade the real world with one objective: Kill the fascist users!



What's a "vdieogame?"

I kid, I know what it is.
(But you might want to correct it).


I loved this!

Wow, these were both really good. How much for one of those ties?

Thats was gooood.

I was sad that I didn't win until I watched this, congratulations and I hope the rest of your series is as good as this pilot! :)

L.B. Jeffries:
Wow, these were both really good. How much for one of those ties?

Damn you guys are good.

I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this video. So many moments of sheer brilliance. I shall be quoting it for weeks to come.

"You can speak Japanese?" "No, but I can read."

Congratulations, you lot! Very well deserved.

Excelllent- if you keep up this standard then you have beaten De-rez hands down.

This was my favorite! Can't wait to see more from you guys, congrats on the win! :D

Excellent. Giggled quite a bit.

This could be the start of something beutifally funny!

The Chris Slack reference about him sucking...well, you know...was awesome. I nearly fell off my seat.

I enjoyed that. :)

Nice references, editing, and lines.

Looking forward to the other episodes.

Awesome episode! I laughed out loud a lot. :)

Seems I'm in the minority - didn't laugh at all.

Nice try, but IMO not really in the same league as Unskippable.

Holy crap that was hilarious! I got strange looks for laughing so much. Big congrats and I can't wait to see more!!

That was brilliant and epic. Awesome work!

This is one of the funnist things I've watched in a long time. If you don't make more I'll kill you. Really, "The game is over. I'm really going to shoot you." if you don't make more videos.
"Good Job!" to anyone who knows where that quotes from.
"Better job!" to these guys for makeing this video.
Better job, video people!

Awesome job, and well deserved! It started slow, but once it got going there were enough hilarious references and in jokes to make Dennis Miller jealous. And I mean that in a good way :P

Far better than the sub-YouTube fodder of the other winner. Congratulations.

I burst out laughing with the "they set us up the bomb"

and the "solid snake at your backdoor"

Epic. Totally deserve this award. Can't wait to see more.

It's Funny.... I will have to make a better Ananlysis once I have calmed down

This is the greatest escapist web series ever...

Wow, congratulations guys I hope you don't slack off! :P

Seems I'm in the minority - didn't laugh at all.

Nice try, but IMO not really in the same league as Unskippable.

This. I can see why one might find it funny, but to me making fun of a medium's tropes and cliches is a little boring.

Congratulations, it has a lot of potential :)

Eep! Good luck putting that together every week!

It's a great concept which has a lot of potential. Depending on your filming schedule, you also have the opportunity to make references to recent events in the same way as South Park (i.e. that they can reference something which only occurred days prior).

Congrats. I'll definitely be watching this series.

Excellent video! I almost forgot about how funny Yahtzee was.


The red-headed guy reminds me a bit of Nick Frost...

But anyway, wonderful video; the explosion effects were the shit.

way to promote your own film
that was fantastic! well done for winning XD i laughed my socks off when i realised it was snake under the box
cant wait to see more!

jejeh, good one, but... its going to continue?

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