The Escapist Film Festival: Third Place: Chris Reynolds Variety Hour: Angels and Demons

Third Place: Chris Reynolds Variety Hour: Angels and Demons

Third place winner in this year's Escapist Film Festival, Chris and his gang are visited by a door-to-door Jehovah's Witness, when things go hellishly wrong.

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Could it be the next "King of the Hill"

I like this a lot.

I take it there were three total entries?

I take it there were three total entries?

Just a few more then 3,

Sorry, I must not have made myself clear. That was intended as my commentary on the 3rd place winner, not an actual lack of awareness regarding the submissions. I believe someone above called in potentially the next King of the Hill. No, no it's not. And I cannot begin to say just how sad that is (or how happy I am that nobody's succeeded in inflicting a competitor to KotH on us. The original's lack of capable humor is more than sufficient for one country).

I take it there were three total entries?

I agree with this. Honestly, how did this get 3rd place? I've only watched the top three submissions thus far, but if this is third I'm psyching myself up for some really bad stuff when I look at some of the other submissions.

hehe, that guy describing his elf at the begining sounded like my bro :P

It has an interesting style, that's for sure, mixing animation and live action (well, just live). But the humour was - well, not humorous at all. And the animation is lame, the mouths are just being distorted around, the taller guy keeps his eyes half-shut even when he's supposed to be angry, and there's a part where the outline for his arm disappears. It's like they didn't even try.

Remember kids, even if you don't even try you can sometimes still win third place!

Seems like this would be from the rubbish bin at the Adult Swim network.

I didn't think it was all that bad really, the animations of the christian were really funny when he was at the door, I love that quote as well "I used to be addicted to crack, now i'm addicted to CHRIST!" since its so stupid and unfortunately so true in a lot of cases.

The animations could have used a few more frames and some of the things that were said were really random and out of place and I think that was supposed to be funny but theres so much stuff on the internet which uses randomness as a source of humour and it angers me very slightly.

I know you only had 5 minutes but I think there was a lot of stuff which could have been cut out for just a liiiitttle more story. Congratulations, I don't understand why people are posting to just say they didn't like it and not say why.

I'd hate to see the stuff that placed below this.

This really makes me think I should have made an entry I mean I could make something better than this in a week this was just bad.

P.S. Either pick animated or real life.
P.P.S. Go with real life you kinda suck at drawing.

I don't understand why people are posting to just say they didn't like it and not say why.

Oh, you wanted specifics? Characters consist of the creator, his friend, a fat balding wow geek to make fun of, and a crass angsty midget. The opening joke is about wow players and then makes a left turn toward derogatory religious humor. Things end in an Aqua Teen Hunger Force style of "let's summon a demon", it blows crap up, shouting and bickering, the end.

Visually the animation is very poor. Characters are wooden and stylistically inconsistent.

All in all I would say it lacks substance.

"Dude, I've heard about Jesus. Some girl gave me Jesus once, and it hurt really bad to pee."

Dear mother of thing hygienic. The sheer ballsy wit makes this gem worth the prize of admission! Crass and offensive as hell, but hilarious as well! Top score!

I don't know why this didnt win it was better then the lost planet thing at least to many people probably found it offensive Learn the laugh America its the beauty of our country lol i really enjoyed this i thought it was acually kinda clever

This could very well replace Uwe Boll as the Worst Thing In History.

This was terribad.

It's like an Adult Swim writer who watched Naruto made a geeky version of King of the Hill.

The midget was funny, but the rest was just stale, overdone humor (midgets will never be overdone), and the animation was rather substandard.

I'm hoping that Unskippable wins.

That was not a Jehovah's Witness >.>

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the staggering amount of love and support you've shown for our 3rd place entry here on The Escapist! We are so glad everyone is enjoying it, and we simply cannot wait to bring more for all of you.

Happy Holidays, and believe us when we say that we love you more than Jesus and you will ever know!

That Jehovah's witness guy cracked me up but the rest was average and poorly animated.

umm is this actually gonna be made into a series?


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