The Escapist Film Festival: Honorable Mention: 'Wanted' Spoiled

Honorable Mention: 'Wanted' Spoiled

A tongue in cheek synopsis of the action movie, 'WANTED' starring Angelina Jolie & Morgan Freeman. If you haven't seen the original this will totally spoil it for you. If you have seen it, then here it is again in a new light in its entirety in five minutes. Winner of an Escapist Film Festival Honorable Mention.

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C'mon wheres the remaining bits? This just gets jiggy when the outro plays .... show us the rest of it yo!

Yhatzee called, he wants his shtick back

In all seriousness, the fast talking british accent with funny words and animated pics in the background thing has been done to death, and unless you stand out or change things up a bit you won't get much in the form of greatness.


Yeah, well it was all done for a bit of fun.. & yet it's not a British accent it's a Western Australian accent.
Thanks for watching anyway!

The Yahtzee of Movies though... could be ok.
Also: Post the rest, dammit!

Sorry, I'm american so I'm almost completely ignorant to accents
(It's not a choice, it's a genetic inheritance)


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