The Escapist Show: Episode Five: Street Fighter IV

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Seeing Jess and Guy at the end really made this video for me.

Gyrader is totally Zhangief.

the game looks kind of interesting - though it looks like they gave all the male characters even more rediculous looking muscle mass to the point where I don't think they could turn their heads easily.

I think the video at the end had some really funny moments - I just think the show as a whole didn't have a consistent vibe so it made each segment feel disjointed to me.

(fixed my double wording.. oops)



Why is a 2d Fighting game taking so long to make?

Because it's being made in 3D...

I thought they are 3d characters moving on a 2D plane, thus making it a 2d Fighting game in the same sense that Super Smash Bros is. Except Smash. Bros characters have a lot more manouverability and area.

you're both wrong. Both smash bros and sf IV are 2.5D, 3D characters moving on a 2D plane

Chuck Norris jokes: Chuck Norris doesn't get laid, laid gets Chuck Norrissed.

Did you know Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors?

BTW they put those two at the end and not moviebob? WTF man put a movie review or an overthinker episode or something (okay maybe not an overthinker ep, that needs its own space because it's too long)

looking forward to SFIV. Also more moviebob please.


The two guys at the end were not funny.


wayyyy to long.. and.. just.. no funny gags...

bring back moviebob

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