Editor's Note: Monsters and Mistletoe

Monsters and Mistletoe

This Christmas season, Jordan Deam reminds you that the secret to happiness is low expectations.

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...I dont think ive ever had my hopes & dreams crushed in one instant like that. On Christmas day too :-D

Haha... ouch!

I'm fortunately spoiled for the most part by my parents to this day, particularly my Mom, so I've never had any sort of disappointments with Christmas. I love the season even more, though, since I've been able to give people things too. (Actually, I don't usually buy things, I just cook for people, apparently I'm really good at it)

So thanks a bunch Escapist, for dedicating an issue to the holiday season, and putting me in the Christmas spirit, after what was essentially a rather depressing week of news.

Peppermint martinis and hot cocoa for everyone!


I don't get what's the joke about that story though...

Oooo thats gotta sting...did they take it back or did you run to your room and hide it and take peeks at it when no one was around?

Damn... that's so sad... damn... it's scary how some parents can be electronically retarded sometimes.

Oooh... that's a heart-breaker for ya. Honestly for awhile there I was expecting the parents to get the game thinking that's the whole thing, not buying the NES... but that ending was just as disheartening, as well as completely dumbfounding.

Low expectations seems to be the key to happiness, not only during Christmas, but with any game nowadays.

Gamers and fan boys are experts in insane expectations and guess what? ... they get disappointed :p


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