Review: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Review: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Aquaman may not have made the cut for MK vs. DCU, but that hasn't prevented him from enjoying the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat series.

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That's hands down one of the funniest reviews I've ever read.

Now we just need the 6 way: Mortal Kombat vs DC vs Street Fighter vs Marvel vs Soul Calibur vs Image & Dark Horse (tag team).

Now here was me wondering why such a strange review was published on the front page when I read this.

I grew particularly fond of Liu Kang's intense fireball and mid-air woogly-woogly-woogly kick.

Which I lol'd heartily at.
Good review, I'm still not playing it though.

Dear Aquaman,

Have you played Aquaria?



I'm sorry to tell you this Aquaman... but you are a really lame superhero.

Good review though

Well, since Aquaman has the power to telepathically induce seizures, he would be a very cheap character.

(If only they had the Question.)

One of the most entertaining reviews I've ever read, even if a select few paragraphs seemed to switch without transition from Aquaman to reviewer. Give yourself a pat on the back, and tell all the creatures of the sea to do so as well.

I'd have given the game a 10 score for the cutscenes alone. They never loose their replay value & you fon't feel like you HAVE to watch them *_* Finaly, a game where I can not only play the Joker, but I can kick Catwoman's skanky ass.


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