de-rez: Norman the Healer

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Lots of chuckles :D

Thanks, Chris!

De-Rez when are you going to finish Daniels Story? I've been waiting for the ending of this great series for a while now.

eh....Jesus....LOL that was hilarious

I'm surprised there was no warnings at the end not to try this at home.

The question is, who in my close circle needs to see what Hell is like?

[Exit stage left, to buy a "Whacker and Bucket Set", on account of Jesus told me to do it. Praise the Lord!]

Funny - the talk of treating gaming as an addiction has been in the news as of late. Kudos to you for leaping on the topic while it's hot!

The contrast between the soft-spoken character and the audacious "Praise tha Lawd! moments well played, but the use (or rather reuse) of the same bludgeoning-over-the-head gag did wear a touch thin. I suppose my biggest qualm was that this seemed to be a take at moral (specifically religious) alarmism towards gaming, rather than about the gamer clinic phenomenon in and of itself. It's not that that's necessarily a bad thing (who doesn't like skewering the Jack Thompson crazies), but this seemed carried some anti-religious overtones which may have off-put some viewers. A matter of taste really; I'd just got my expectations shaken up more than anything.

Overall, I liked this video. It's not your finest (I still say that Resident Evil was hard to top, although the Last Days of mr. SecuROM were pretty close) but it was worth the watch, ll things considered.

yay! that was pretty good.
keep up the good work.

I loved this one. Some lol moments in there.


For me, the funnyest part is at the ending, the credits have the same song as ArenaTV's Install.Game show :P

This is easily one of the best De-Rez(es) in a long time, good work.
I could easily use this kind of healer.

Where's the weekly video... :(

one of the funniest de-rez's

haha, love it... you really capture the spirit of gaming :P

as it seems to me anyways

Jesus! Its always good to see that know matter how famous De-rez gets it will always stay true to is roots!


Anyone know when the next De-Rez is?

Where are you Chris Slack? I miss you in my life

Where are you Chris Slack? I miss you in my life

Not to worry, back tommorow

so when wil the next episode come out?

Nothing like some good slapstick juxtaposed with soft-spoken monologue.

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