This Week In Gaming History

This Week In Gaming History

Stave off the oncoming holidays this week in gaming history with Commander Keen and an installment in the iconic Final Fantasy series.

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Ah...Commander Keen, I can still hear that high pitched scrunch as you bounce a pogo off a near impossible jump. I wonder if a game today could get away with so blatantly encouraging the player to just collect junk food for points. Everything in the game was pizza, soda, candy bars....if I remember that title for anything, it's always making me hungry.

I loved Commander Keen.
I had 'Goodbye Galaxy' and 'Keen Dreams' and highly enjoyed them both! was a simpler time...a happy time...when a man could be happy shooting slugs with his little ray gun, pogo jumping off of red bouncy balls, or riding said balls across the entire level.


*Starts digging through old diskettes*

i have died and gone to hell

Like I just said over at Tom Hall's blog, Commander Keen rocks!

Haha I love commander Keen, I was playing it before I'd even heard of Mario.

..ohhh man Commander Keen was so awesome. Now I have to go find it again.

Invasion of the Vorticons? I'd forgotten that name - it does sound awfully similar to Vortigon though, doesn't it?

18 years ago, and I still have fond memories of Commander Keen, even though I wasn't particularly adept at it.


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