181: The Guilded Cage

The Guilded Cage

"Barry smiled and raised his sword to the skybox. 'Behold, guildmates! Dr. Funkentime has arrived to quell this uprising most evil. I have but one question to ask of my brothers in arms before we cut these heathens down. Do you feel funky? Because it's FUNKENTIME!'"

Two cubicle-dwelling brothers in arms lose everything to save their online world.

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great story, kind of creepy...


i love your story, and i feel it all to well.

also, what's it like being such a superhuman god amongst men?

I suspect Ratcliff was just trying to distract them away from their battle up to his office so he could smash their clans unopposed, to they did the right thing. :D

Im guessing Ratcliff was led by a competing company.

Great story, shame about the blackberry.

Great story...read it heare at work...on Christmas eve.

Haha loved that phone bit at the end. Good stuff!

Nah. I'm Ratcliff!
This is a very light piece compared to the others I have read in Fiction Issues, and I totally welcome it. It has plenty of chuckle and comradery going for it, enough jargons for gamers, but not to the point that it alienates others.
Too bad nobody uses the word tweren't again later on.

That was totally nerd!

I mean, no game should worth more than a suit 'n tie office job, at least here in Hungary. But that's probably the tiny speck of sanity talking in the quicksand of G4MeR.

Aside from the ending, though, it was quite well written, I enjoyed it. MOAR?

The dialogue on the last page really cracked me up. And I totally get this story, just replace work with school and it hits really close to home.

Great creepy factor

Glad I got out of WoW because of moments like that.


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