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"Jerry hugged closely against the contours, looking for gaps or seams. It held up well almost all the way across until finally his character slipped through into oblivion and went limp. Ragdoll physics were probably the greatest job satisfaction there was in quality assurance, he thought as his character bounced a few moments, twitching violently in opposing directions."

A game tester tries to escape from his hijacked development studio.

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that was a prety good story

that was a prety good story


Well written, sparse on the details, but I've always preferred imagination to a page of rock. Read every word, which is rare. It's also exactly how I picture the invention of strong AI. By a programmer getting caught up in a pet project.

Possibly reading too much into this but, considering the main story is told from the point of view of an omnipotent observer, and so is the conclusion, perhaps Tom and Karen...


Tom and Jerry. Har!

That was enjoyable. Wish there was an extra 200-300 words to flesh it out a bit more

That was enjoyable. Wish there was an extra 200-300 words to flesh it out a bit more

agreed. It was a good story just light on details.

Wow. Very entertaining

When's part II?

Wow... that was... awesome.

It was cool, maybe I'm dense, but I didn't really get Shangri-la.

I think the point is that it is light on detail. Who knows how many of those guys are just characters?
I think it is a rather powerful maxtrix-ish concept. This is my 2nd most favorite "AI developing intelligent" story, right after Star Ocean III. I guess that one gives you a lot more involvement with the characters, seeing how you get to spend 40+ hours with them.

The 2nd page was especially awesome. I like how the two characters slowly comes to grip with the dreaded (virtual) reality. It really strikes a chord with me, and I totally got the chill there.

That was kind of creepy. Interesting, well written, and a fun read, but still creepy.

That was nothing short of epic.

I'm having a hard time taking all that in really.

Clever, very clever. And different too, well done sir.


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