Zero Punctuation: The Year in Review - 2008

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The Year in Review - 2008

This week, a series of our favorite Zero Punctuation jokes. Sorry for the clip show, but we'll make it up to you with a contest for a shiny new badge!

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well this kind of sucks...

Nice Yahtzee, very nice summary.

well that was rubbish

AWESOME. Thanks Yahtz. =D


Was kind of hoping for something new rather than a retrospective. Would have liked to see "Prince of Persia" review or maybe "Gears 2"

that let me down ):

I would've preferred an actual review. =/ But it's decent, I suppose.

EDIT: Also, bad Yahtzee! A clipshow on CHRISTMAS?! Bad!

Eh...that was a bit of a disappointment.

Ahh, the memories. That was a fun trip down memory lane.

erm.... meh ¬_¬

Well, they had to give us something while Yahtzee spends some time off buying yachts and kissing ladies on the mouth.

Huh... clip show...

I suppose even the internet isn't immune, but I will have my revenge!

Edit: Against what? I'm not really sure.

Merry Christmas Yahtzee you charismatic stallion, and have a good day off!

Ohhhhh it's a clip shoooowwwww!


I might need to go back and re-watch alot of his videos, there are clips in here I don't rember anymore.

huh. my post was deleted for some reason. To restate, Sweet. I love getting new badges..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Yahtzee!!! :)

good retread of jokes :)

Well that was disappointing, although I suppose it is Christmas tomorrow so we can sort of expect it... I'm still waiting on the Far Cry 2 review that he mentioned that he was going to do a few weeks ago.

I don't blame him for being lazy around christmas time, oh well, I was hoping for a review of the new Prince of Persia though, since it's finally a game that stands up to greatness of Sands of Time.


I thought it was going to be an actual year in review, not a giant bucket of shit. But, whatever.

Methinks he's embarresed to admit that he likes prince of persia...

Clip show, eh? Guess I can't blame him, but I was kinda hoping for a review (or at least some new material).

Oh well though, can't wait for the new year!

Meh, cool it all of you, the man needs a day off. It's CHRISTMAS.

Nice of them to give Yahtzee some time off for the holidays, he deserves it.

stayed up till 3:30am just to watch that, and i've already seen it, oh well, i would have just wasted that time anyway... lol dick in pudding....

Have the first few people to post even read the description of this video? That was a bit rubbish - I knew all of the jokes, and so none made me laugh. And, they lose their impact out of context.

That was a slight let-down but it was still funny :) I guess everybody needs their time off. Have a good xmas everybody!

Yathzee u lazy bastard !!!! xD

Nice review and to those disappointed STFU its christmas, who wants to work at christmas?!

well that one was lame.... sure its chrismas but please at least put alittle effort in this week's ZP... most of the times hes realy good but i think this was the first ZP i just sat and said "well this blows..."

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