Movie Trailers: 300: Rise of an Empire - Trailer

300: Rise of an Empire - Trailer

Welcome to the epic sequel to the epic original.

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Sequel or Prequel? I thought that this was supposed to cover Marathon. But it seems they are doing either Artemisium or Salamis, which was concurrent or following Thermopylae.

I just hope it can spawn enough memes to last us till the next film.

Sure looks like a sequel, since they have showed footage from the end of 300.

Nonetheless, I'm curious to see how this film will turn up.

Curious here as well. I don't know that this even NEEDED a sequel, and am too lazy to look up whether Frank Miller ever WROTE one. Of course, if he didn't, this could just be dramatization of history, which works too I suppose.

Must be nice for Lena Headey to play a good guy again. She's been Mama(from Dredd) and played Cercei Lannister for so long, I was afraid they were only getting her for evil roles (which would be a shame, considering she made a badass Sarah Conner).

Noooo. Not without Gerard Butler! This should've been a prequel or something. Now it looks more like a cash grab, and a late one to boot

Guys, I'm excited for Ryse: Son of Rome, the Interactive Movie-Game, only from Microsoft, on the Xbox One! I'll enjoy it with my MOUNTAIN DEW, and DORITOS, only on the MICROSOFT Xbox One!

...In all honesty, and silly propaganda aside, I don't know if I'm looking forwards to this. 300 was a pretty decent movie, and was enjoyable to watch with friends, but like the previous man said, this feels like a cash-grab. But, hey, It's only $5 to rent it, so I don't mind. Now, where's my Fern Gully 2, Hollywood?

(My opening paragraph would be vastly improved if we could use symbols on The Escapist. Really, where's my (TM) symbol?)

It's a movie about naval battles and it has Eva Green in it, and those naval battles and ships look awesome. That's enough to make me go see it.

Also cool that they're doing this because the only reason Xerxes' army had to fight the Spartans was because the Athenian navy was holding them off, so will be cool to get that side of the story.

Looks like a fun over the top battle fest like the first one-I'll rent it when it comes to Dvd or perhaps I'll see it in the theater if I have spare cash at the time.

That looks pretty crap tbh. Can't tell if it's because of the TV style production values or if it's because someone re-encoded the video and totally stuffed up the aspect ratio.


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