Killer is Dead Preview at E3 2013

Killer is Dead Preview at E3 2013

In Killer is Dead, Suda tells a formulaic, episodic tale which can be likened to a TV drama.

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Suda51 should do an adaptation of wicked city. I think only his cracked up style would do the Anime justice.

This is the one thing that should hold me over just perfectly until Dark Souls 2 drops. After that, don't worry if I haven't left the house unless you smell something particularly bad.

Wow. This looks awesome as fuck. Want so very much. I wonder what'll be remembered as the weirdest thing from this game...?

I want to make sweet love to this game with that very soundtrack playing, this looks like it'll be another grand action game :D

It.. It.. It is a suda51 game.


I want it.
I love you Suda.

whoa, im buying this for sure


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