Escapist News Now: Saints Row IV E3 2013

Saints Row IV E3 2013

The Escapist talks Saints Row IV.

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Honestly i wasnt very impressed with how this looks. Might be worth a play down the line when its been out a while but the whole alien plot doesnt look very appealing

Day one purchase I admit I didn't like Saints Row 2 mainly because of the bad PC port and that the console version turned me around. But I just had so much more fun with 3

He's not even the leader of the Saints anymore, there are no gangs, how can you still call this Saints Row? Just call it Volitotype or Volitinfamous or something, at least Saints Row 3 was distinctively part of the series no matter how stupid it was.

They TOTALLY lost focus of the game... Dear Lord... I mean, I for my part at least, the cool thing about Saints Row 1 & 2 (didn't play 3rd) was that you got to be part of a GANG, not a huge gang, but a stereotypical street gang, and you went on to make it stronger, the first game felt more brutal (specially the part where you got beaten up as part of your initiation) but it was GTA over the top already, Saints Row 2 was even more over the top but the whole gang theme was still there, that whole story against the chinese (japanese?) biker gang was awesome, and if the game was over the top it was funny and in context with the story, I mean, you got to throw shit all over buildings to gain more reputation and thus help expand your territory, you'd go kill the leader of a corporation with a helicopter like some awful B movie from the 80s, but it was all entertaining. BUT ALIENS?! VIRTUAL REALITY?! I could swallow some of that if it was taken as a side-quest meant to be hilarious, say, you meet aliens with an evil albeit stupid plan in a corner of the map, but making it the center of the game?! As many people have said, it lost focus of the gang theme, it's now simply "over the top", the game might even be good and fun, as a matter of fact, I don't doubt that, but hey, it is NOT Saints Row, this is the equivalent of having the next GTA's story and gameplay revolve around time travel or something.

Hole-y-hell, What have they done to this poor series? I thought the third was off the rails (and not in a good way) but this is WAY TOO MUCH, c'mon I mean was there really a reason to advance the series after number two? No. This would've made SO much more sense if they just released this as an expansion; like c'mon it not only looks but plays and feels just like Saint's Row: The Third.

I am so NOT getting this game.

Might be worth purchasing in 2 years for 6$ with all dlc in some steam sale, but not full price thanks.


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