Preview: Rain is a Sad and Childlike Stealth Game

Preview: Rain is a Sad and Childlike Stealth Game

Rain may not be a typical stealth game, but from the Tokyo Jungle team, who expected that?

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Okay, Rain. You have my attention. Do something good with it.

This looks and sounds really interesting. Definitely one I'm keeping my eye on.

Ooooh, looks like the lovechild of Limbo and ICO. Consider me interes-

=PSN release=

Damn it!

Well, looks like I'll be getting a PS4 after all.

Been watching this game for some time. If it's coming for the Vita - consider me a day-one downloader.

Colour me intrigued, this seems unique and it may turn pretty good.

Clair de Lune makes everything better.

Will be looking forward to this, especially for my Vita library.


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