Preview: Infinite Crisis Tries New Things for MOBAs

Preview: Infinite Crisis Tries New Things for MOBAs

Doomsday Devices and destructible terrain are new things for the MOBA, but can Infinite Crisis Pull it off?

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Looks like great fun to me. Plus if they want to do the loads and loads of characters thing that some MOBAs do they've got pretty fertile ground to do it. I just hope they have more than one arena.

Shat my pants when I saw the title. Not what I was hoping for.

DC should make games like the Batman Arkham games for other characters, and build a video game continuous universe like the Marvel Movieverse.

Man i reeeeaaaaly hope A-RTS games dont start getting churned out left and right like free to play mmos that all suck, just developers trying to eat into the massive success of the first couple trend setters and 99% of them will fail.

Based on everything they said about the characters, they're almost 1 for 1 copies of DOTA characters with swapped abilities. I'm willing to give it a chance, but it's going to take quite a bit to get me to switch.


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