The Big Picture: Man of Tomorrow

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Yeah, I'm with Bob on this one. Sure, throw out any random comic you want, but the fact is, Superman, at the core of his character, is a just hero that doesn't kill. He tries his absolute best to avoid wanton destruction, and he doesn't just shit-kick stuff until it stops moving. That's a key element of the character that Nolan and Goyer missed entirely, and they ended up with a dreary and almost completely joyless story.

I mean, for gods sake, how many people do you think died during Superman's scrap with his fellow kryptonians? That was a 9/11 level catastrophe there! It was insane, and it's another reason why Superman's cry after he kills Zod seems disingenuous. At that point, it like Rorschach says in Watchmen: 'what's one more body amongst foundations?'

Like it or not, Superman is not meant to be a brooding and dark hero, and being brooding and dark does not equal maturity. Superman is symbol of hope and justice, and there was absolutely zero hope in Man of Steel.

It's insistence on realism and 'maturity' is just bleak and fucking childish.

Okay, my problem with that scene? Supes and Zod just fell from ORBIT! And yet, hardly two minutes later, Lois Lane walks up and hugs Superman... I went, "Shouldn't he be radiating heat?"

I figure in the sequel that is bound to come, Superman will become more brooding because he killed Zod. Then somewhere in the movie he will become less brooding and upset when he says, "No more killing." From there I don't know what Warner Brothers would do, but I can almost guarantee that will happen.

As you may be able to guess, serious spoilers ahead.

I had a lot of problems with Man of Steel honestly, but in terms of killing Zod, my biggest problem was Superman's lack of... well, heroism. I never got the impression that Superman really cared about ANYONE other than Lois and his family. We never see him really bother to try and help anyone except in for one flashback and that incident with Zod. And then Superman SUDDENLY has a dilemma about killing which had no build-up whatsoever.

At no point does Superman really sacrifice to help anyone. I know being indestructible means it's harder for him to do so, but he could have at least TRIED to stop Zod. I was honestly expecting him to put his hand over Zod's eyes, similar to this scene.

Instead we have the sudden neck snap and Zod's dead. No build up beyond the 2 minutes the scene lasts. It's just sort of sad in my opinion.

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