Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Fire-Breathing Dragons

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Top 5 Fire-Breathing Dragons

Lisa is on fire in the latest episode about dragons and their breath.

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No love for Lagi from the Panzer dragoon series?


I might need to pick up Odin Sphere now. Is it on PSN?
...yes yes it is.

Will we be seeing the top 5 dragons next week that breath something other than fire?

Ya can't have a top dragons of video games list without Spyro. You just can't!

The other picks were pretty good too. I like that the number one spot was given to the winner not just because they look cool, but also because they make you care about them in the game.

Great picks, I approve. =w= b (<- Thumbs up face.)

Bahamut made the list.

I am teh happies! :')

Shame that none of the Pokemon dragons got a mention, though I'm perfectly happy with her list. But the biggest question I have, especially when it regards dragons is...

Lisa Foiles:
Top 5 Fire-Breathing Dragons

Lisa is on fire in the latest episode about dragons and their breath.

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Or should I say...


Anyway, I believe this list is missing one fine candidate.


I mean, he may not actually be a Dragon-type, but come on!

Alduin made the list, fanboy rage appeased.

All Joking Aside, good choices, especially #1, it made me want to go get Odin sphere.

See you next week!

... No Angelus from Drakengard... NO ANGELUS FROM DRAKENGARD!?

Last time I commented on the distinct lack of Homestar Runner now adays and this time we get a Trogdor spoof. I have accomplished something!

Fun Bowser? I was convinced he would be #1. He's like the first!

I'll admit Wagner from Odin Sphere took me off guard, didn't see that one coming, good call though!

Man, I love Odin's Sphere. I need to replay it.
But... Mercedes... :'(

Captcha: run the gauntled
Yes. Yes, I think I will.

I wasn't sold on the list until Wagner.

#1 for Wagner?
Huge fan-howling recommendation for Odin Sphere?
Honourable mention also from Odin Sphere?

Possibly the most splendid list so far... alongside the Top 5 Robots one from before `The Great Involuntary Holiday Break Hiatus` that.. I'm.. not sure we talk about.

I was fully expecting Alduin to make it to this list, but no mention of the Archdemon from Dragon Age: Origins? Or, to a lesser extent, Flemeth?

Spyro should have been higher up. Maybe not the highest, but he's cooler than Alduin at least. Flemeth is a pretty awesome dragon too.

I think you'll find best video gaming dragon was Trogdor from Peasants quest.

Okay, maybe I'm behind the times a bit, but number 4 was NOT Spyro. Frankly it creeped me the hell out.

Also, Paarthurnax>Alduin. My opinion of course.

That whole Kevin theme song thing...made my brain shut down momentarily. Now I don't know math :(

Not that I ever did

Spyro is my #1 <3<3<3

But only the 3 original games on PS1!!!

That 2012 NBC sitcom burn.

Oh how it does burn so.

Whitney, are you still in pain? Does it hurt? Good.

But Ridley is not a Dragon.....

Yeah, that's a cock-up. Replace Ridley with Charizard and you'll be more on track.

That 2012 NBC sitcom burn.

Oh how it does burn so.

Whitney, are you still in pain? Does it hurt? Good.

Hey, I liked Whitney and Go On.

Seriously, Matthew Perry needs a show that lasts more than a season.

-.- I would argue the TES dragons have no place on the list for not really being dragons and more wyverns.

sides, the dragons in Vindictus are more awesome anyway, and much more deserving of a spot then the 'retarded poodles' that are on the list :p

... No Angelus from Drakengard... NO ANGELUS FROM DRAKENGARD!?

Well, she did appear in the little clip show at the very beginning... But I am kinda sad she never appeared on the list itself. :(

Grigori, and the Ur-Dragon from Dragon's Dogma can kick All of skyrim's dragon's butts just by glancing at them

Alduin is cool and all, but Nafaalilargus is much more interesting character
just sain ;)

The Kevin interlude was seizure-inducing hilarity.

Wait Elijah Wood voiced Spyro? Why am I only finding this out now?

You know, Trogdor actually was in a game, so he counts. If Kevin gets to impersonate him, he should be on the list!

These are all pretty good, but my favorite dragon of all time will always be Charizard!

Also, The dragons from Monster Hunter are badass, I'm kinda sad none of them were able to get a mention, but it's okay there are a lot or dragons in gaming to chose from, and not everyone could make it.

If you want a replace an entry on this list, instead of Charizard, replace it from Volvagia from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. True, battle with Volvagia seems to come down to a dragonized version of Whack-a-Mole, but that doesn't change the fact that Volvagia is ten times more awesome looking.

Wow this is the worst list I have ever seen, completely missing the point of a dragon. Thinking a dragon comes down to how cool they look/how popular a franchise is, is what completely disqualifies this list.

There are so many cool dragons in any of the infinity engine games and yet not a single mentioning. Instead lame good for nothing CGI mess of dragons.

Holy fuck, Odin Sphere made it to #1 on a Top 5? I have a newfound respect for Lisa.

I'm not sure if you read the comment Lisa, but if you do could you do a Top 5 PR disasters? I'm not sure why but I feel it is relevant.

And I too was suprised at the lack of pokeymans in the Top 5. I mean, Dragonite has that little bag he used in that one episode. Such class!

what about the red dragon(bridge dragon) from demons souls? that guy is responsible for 99% of ragequits in that game.
or that black dragon from the PTD edition of dark souls, the fucker introduces himself by burning down the entire valley you stand in and is kinda sorta a god.

That doesn't look like Spyro...what did they do to you!? You look so...(sobs)

Overall good list, Kevin segment was funny.

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