Escapist News Now: Fantasial: Music Evolved E3 2013 Preview

Fantasial: Music Evolved E3 2013 Preview

Andrea Rene got a chance to play Harmonix new motion control musical game "Fantasia: Music Evolved" at E3. Published by Disney Interactive, the game will focus on building musical tracks and exploring unique environments to unlock puzzles and songs.

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They don't want FANTASIA to be too tied to Disney's IPs.


They missed out big time by not using "A Kind of Magic" here.

This game looks dumb, unfortunately.

Susan would have noticed that added L and kicked it's ass! I've actually noticed quite a few typos since her announcement. By the way, can I have a job? :P

I'm a fan of Andrea's reviews/previews and news announcements, but this was a horrible preview for this game. Up till now I was actually thinking this game would be one reason to get a xbox one (if more games came out that I would want to play), the Trailer makes it look like you see yourself on screen, shooting light from your hands etc and altering the music. That may still be the case, but the preview video they showed.....was VERY underwhelming (just lights on a screen that you follow), and the mini games....the interface looked horrible...moving the little bubble by hand movements etc.

Great job by Andrea, but the preview certainly didn't get me interested in the game.

Fantasial was the name of my Rush cover band.


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