Game & Wario Review - More Minigame Madness

Game & Wario Review - More Minigame Madness

Nintendo's Warioware series is consistently fun and goofy, but can a Wii U Gamepad version deliver the same experience economically?

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"Waaah but it's a gimmicky controller which is good for nothing! Shitty Shitendo with their shitty gimmicky gamepad which is nothing but a horrible gimmick, real gaemers don't play shitty party gaem minigaem collections anyway!"

Ahem... with that out of the way: It's nice to see that Nintendo's minigames keep finding novel and intuitive uses for the Gamepad. I'm a little disappointed that the Mario and Mario Kart teams don't seem to be keeping up with the Nintendo Land and G&W guys when it comes to making creative use of the Gamepad, but ah well.

The marketing videos for this game alone won me over.

Feels weird seeing Nintendo of all companies effortlessly take the piss out of something as current as crowdfunding. Whichever intern at Nintendo came up with that, they need to promote them to Wii U marketing ASAP.

16 minigames? I get more than that out of Mario Party, and more microgames than that out of WarioWare. This seems more like Nintendo Land or Wii Play than anything else, which is a bad thing indeed.

There's also the issue of the metagame. Mario Party wraps its minigames in a board game, which adds a TON of depth in spite of being fairly basic and mostly just existing to give the minigames context. WarioWare, in addition to having MORE microgames in each entry, divides them into smaller collections that need to be completed in order to unlock more. It might seem like a small thing, but making the smaller minigames or microgames in other collections part of a much bigger whole is the biggest reason these games are so much better than most third-party minigame collections. It's sad to see Nintendo dropped the ball in this regard; just adding depth (or even multiple stages) to minigames does not make up for a disconnected overall experience.

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It's worth noting that the "Gamer" minigame contains, probably, as many microgrames as WarioWare!

Okay, everyone who wanted a WarioWare for the 3DS instead of this, please raise your hand.
*raises hand*


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