Movie Trailers: Jobs - Trailer

Jobs - Trailer

Take a look back at the life of the man that brought us Apple.

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Spoiler: He gets rich and dies.

But in seriousness, it looks like it will be an interesting look at the early days of Apple.

Looks interesting, I probably won't see it in cinemas though.

Ashton Kutcher looks really good for this part but his acting is so cringe worthy. Just from the trailer I'm grimacing slightly. Hopefully this won't be an insult to his memory. At least not from this trailer. Ashton eerily kind of looks the part, but his performance felt a bit forced even in those split seconds. On top of that; Untested stary eyed misfits playing in the big leagues, main character spouting optimistic exposition, shouting in a phone, and venting in his car, quirky music that becomes dramatic and tense then changes to uplifting. This is what we call boiler-plate.

Who knows, The Social Network looked like a generic "Optimistic Genius Rebel VS. The System" movie, and it turned out to be really, really good and ultimately a story about characters, their relationships, and the means and actions they take to pursue their goals and the consequences of those actions, instead of just being another "inspiring" underdog story.

But still as of now, not interested.

I think I'll still prefer The Pirates of Silicon Valley, although I am surprised how well Kutcher seemed to fit the part.

Wow, I so don't care about watching Ashton Kutcher play Steve Jobs. If you want a good look at early Apple then watch the old interviews. Steve Jobs as, Steve Jobs is really amazing and this is coming from a PC guy.


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