Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Review

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Finished the DLC last night on TVHM.

If you are at all a fan of the characters of Borderlands and have finished the main vanilla story then I really recommend it.

Some Tips:

I loved the DLC though; all the references I spotted were great

and the overarching narrative of coming to terms with tragedy through abstract was beautiful.

The Dlc made me laugh and then immediately made me sad within about 5 minutes of introduction footage. Hearing the Borderlands 2 characters spoken reaction to some of the scenarios was great too, I'll definitely be playing through again to hear what some of the other say (I was playing Zer0 so I got some neat Haikus)

My favourite quest was...the first one you get from the guy in stocks.

About those Mimics? "Worst Nightmare of..." "Slightly more terrifying". I jumped about a foot every single time, even when sorta expecting a mimic >.>

nuba km:


nuba km:

well gearbox has said that while this is the last dlc in the season pass they are most likely going to make more dlc.

Ah ok, I assumed the last DLC of the season pass was the last big DLC, period. Did Gearbox mention if any new content would be as substantial?

nothing official but they have said they might even have a second season pass so imagine they will be at least the size of the previous three campaign expansions.

Sad to hear that the new weapons aren't anything to write home about. I know they added grenade mods that cast spells instead of throw grenades and your character is also supposed to hell out the spell thats cast. Looking forward to hearing Krieg scream LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! NIPPLE SALADS! LIGHTNING BOLT!

there is a gun that shoots a sword, which explodes, to produce three more swords, that also explode, guess who makes it. trust me some of the new guns look pretty awesome there's even another legendary added(returning) the ogre.

The Hyperion Moonbase is still there, and could use a General Knoxx-ing. They even set that up at the end of this DLC. (Why couldn't they just call the DLC "Bunkers and Badasses"?)



Not sure what to tell you... are you using cover a lot? That's the major change I've noticed from TVH to UVH is that you can't go in guns a blazing at all anymore.

As far as farming specific items goes:

Shamfleet does take a very long time and I would not recommend it (although it is basically easy mode for the whole game once obtained). It basically lets you have infinite ammo with the Norfleet by abusing the Sham shield. Using this combo and melee Zer0 are the only ways I've seen people solo Voracidous (most brokenly unfair boss ever IMO) on UVH.

Beehawk on the other hand is very easy to get. The Bee shield has a pretty high drop rate (compared to other Legendaries) and Hunter Helquist is extremely easy to farm quickly. The Sandhawk is a quest reward from the Pirate DLC. Combo those two together and you really don't even need slag.

For melee Zer0, almost all of the best items to use with him are quest rewards. Eviscerating Rubi, Rapier, Love Thumper, Law, and Order are all quite easy to obtain. The only item that you can use on him that requires any farming is the Hide of Terra and that doesn't take that long to drop.

Anyway, hopefully I'm not coming off the wrong way. Just trying to help cause I know when I first started UVH, I wanted to throw my controller at the TV by the time I got to Captain Flynt!

Okay first, I apologize if I came off sounding hostile. BL is one of my favorite games and the fact that I feel more or less locked out of UVHM and thus 10 additional levels frustrates me.

As far as cover, I've always used cover. From the first game I was always hiding behind all the random junk on the battlefield. The problem in UVHM is I literally die in one or two shots. So the point of cover is to hide from enemy fire, pop up, take a few shots, then hide again. But I can be killed almost as soon as I emerge. Which seems kind of pointless to me.

Only character I've gotten to UVHM is a left speced Salvador. Is he known for being really hard to play in UVHM or am I doing something wrong?

I mean that's the thing though, I'm not doing much of anything, besides dying. It's not like there's a lot I can change.
I have the Bee shield on him, and while it was amazing in TVHM, it doesn't seem to do anything in Ultimate.
The main problem I have is how much defense the enemies have. I actually love the fast and loose style the game had up to that point, were you could die easily, but so could most enemies. It was somewhat like the Heaven and Hell mode in DMC3. Ultimate though just messes the whole formula up though it seems.

Afraid I can't comment too much on the Gunzerker as he's the only character I haven't played much of yet. If it were me (and I don't know how well this would work) I would spec into whichever tree gives you more Gunzerking duration and faster cooldown. I know there's a combination of skill points and class mods that will give you infinite Gunzerking. That should help a lot since you are constantly regenerating bullets and health. I would recommend using the Rubi (quest reward) in the left hand as it slags enemies and heals you for 12.5% of ANY damage you do while you are holding the gun. In your right hand, I would use either an Infinity (although that's a motherfucker to farm -I still don't have one) or the much easier to obtain and much more damaging Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold (farm Torque Tokens and just keep checking the vending machines until you get it). That should give you enough damage that you really wouldn't even need the Bee and can instead focus on much better defensive shields. As far as those go, there's a lot of good ones so I'd either go with an elemental resist one or the Sham.

I think using the when using the Gunzerker in UVH you probably have to abuse his action skill seeing as he doesn't have anyway to remove enemy attention from himself (Axton has his turret, Zer0 goes invisible and has a clone, Maya has thought lock, and Gaige has Deathtrap). Hopefully that gives you the upper-hand.

Edit: I should probably mention that having just played through the campaign of this DLC, the review is spot on. I laughed a lot and I also teared up a bit. The new enemies were awesome and offered varied and exciting challenges. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking in some areas. Overall, if this were to be the last piece of DLC, it would be a more than worthy send-off to this awesome game. However, a bit of dialogue at the end of the DLC leads me to believe there will be more!
Now to finish all of the side quests.

Hands down, a must buy for anyone with a copy of Borderlands 2.

I'm so glad the review was done by someone other than the unprofessional douchebag who did the announcement of this DLC. Good stuff.

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