Trailers: Deadpool - Launch Trailer

Deadpool - Launch Trailer

Deadpool looks like he's enjoying the fact that he has his own game.

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Can someone make me a gif of Deadpool kicking Mister Sinister in the balls? That's be nice. Thanks

Almost finished the PC version, and it is certainly... I have mixed feelings about it. It is certainly not terrible, but you can feel those High Moon layoffs really impacted the pacing and level structures and... yeah. It's just awfully rushed for release and I feel bad for the guys who put in as much effort as they could to make an enjoyable product. And, for what it's worth, it is gratuitously satisfying and there's enough inanity, colour, and energy in it to carry it without making it at all bland...'s... yeah. This trailer actually sums it up well. Just a bunch of stuff happening in a row, as loudly and stupidly as possible. If you're in the market for that kind of thing, you could do worse.

Finally, a correct description of Dubstep :P

Well, that's very Deadpool-ish to me. I have to look up how Deadpool and Cable became friends in the first place. And yes, that really is Deadpool kicking Mr. Sinister in the beanbag. Please don't let that just be a quick-time event!

All cutscenes and no gameplay makes Jack a dull boy.

Gameplay-wise, the game is indeed a bit on the more mediocre side. But storywise? OH MY GOD. Did they do everything right here. The writing more than makes up for the mediocre gameplay, honestly.

Johnny Novgorod:
All cutscenes and no gameplay makes Jack a dull boy.

This....if a trailer has to use the 'Hip-Hop Music Video' format i.e. Dont keep the same shot for more than 2 seconds, then developer confidence will appear lacking.

And it looks like the insane,4th wall stuff that makes Wade so popular is going to annoy REALLY early on.

calling it now yatzee's first words of his review for this game will be 'spiderman all is forgiven' lol

Violence paired with jokes
Why does this get out and is hyped like ass, and Lobo is too "controversial" ?

Having just beat the game...

Best games of 2013 that isn't Dynasty Warriors 8.

Seriously, the game is just FUN. The action and the fighting is average, but in my personal opinion, all third person action adventure games are average. God of War, Devil May Cry and the batman games don't really do anything better than this game, nor does this game do anything worse than those in terms of mechanics as far as I'm concerned.

But the game has heart. The character is amazing, the story is off the wall and hilarious.

I was afraid that with a character as mouthy as Deadpool you'd hear the same three lines repeated in combat over and over again, ah al Ghostbusters... and it happens, don't get me wrong, but no where near as badly.

You don't even recognize the repetition of dialog until you're hours into the game, and even then, it's mixed in with so much other shit you don't notice half the time.

I loved the game, straight up.

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