Trailers: Layton Brothers: Mystery Room - Launch Trailer

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room - Launch Trailer

Help Inspector Layton solve the crime.

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So it's not exactly Professor Layton. OK, I'll take a look into it.

Oh crap, it's like Phoenix Wright meets Professor Layton. Shut up and take my money! When it is out? This is a launch trailer, you say? Oh, crap! *fumbles for wallet* *wallet falls on floor* *hits head on desk in mad scramble for wallet* *falls into a coma, wakes up in time for the third in the series.*

(Found it. How's this for ironic? The game is free to play.)

(Apparently my iPad 1 does not have sufficient memory to launch the first case. Ffffffff-)

This looks pretty good. Shame it's only available on iOS. Even on mobiles, exclusivity is a harsh mistress.

so they're blatantly use Layton's good name as free promotion... I'm strangely okay with that but only if there's a sufficient amount of winks and nudges towards the good old professah!

Plus, layton brotherS implies that there's one more Layton Junior around somewhere. Wondering what's he up to?


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