Video Games Live Over Ten Years Old and Still Going Strong

Video Games Live Over Ten Years Old and Still Going Strong

The Escapist talks to Tommy Tallarico, co-creator of the concert series Video Games Live, about what goes into creating each performance.

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I have gone the last two years in a row and hope to go a third time this year. Furthermore Mr. Tallarico added a memo to play some terminator songs this year after I "politely asked/pestered him" for the last two. ;)

I went to their show last year when it came through the city I'm in and it was an enjoyable experience. Not necessarily life changing or anything if you know what to expect, as I did, but if it comes to a place near you, it's well worth checking out.

I saw it when they came to Austin TX and it was really good. I had a blast and would recommend it.

Saw it myself this year on 6/4 at Nashville. Was their first time ever in TN, was so great to be there for it.

Went to the show twice and both times were absolutely kickass. I heartily recommend anyone to go check it out if they can, really is an awesome experience.

I went once... I'm fully anticipating going again.

The only problem with the concert I was at was that they did a "winner of Guitar Hero contest plays song, orchestra fills in the rest", and the winner was clearly a one-trick pony. He failed expert twice, then failed hard, and finally 78%'d easy mode.

Tommy Tallarico said "Nothing like this has ever happened before."

I bought several tickets to one of the first concerts years ago. Then they cancelled half the performances that year, including the one I bought tickets to and I got stuck with the ticketmaster fees. I didn't forgive them until I was given a free ticket two years ago to a show. I really enjoyed it.

I was going to go to Raleigh to see the last one, but found out it was the North Carolina Symphony and not Christopher Warren-Green's Charlotte Symphony.

I saw these guys on a whim when I was living in Malaysia and they were playing at some random Expo I happened to be at.




Seriously, they are amazing. Go see them if you can, and if you VGL guys happen to be reading this, PLEASE COME TO JAPAN!!!!

I've gone to a show in Montreal and honestly although just about all of the music was awesome, Tommy Tallarico is a terrible public speaker. He is unable to speak three words without throwing out a 'Uhhh', 'Ehhhh' or 'Ummmmm'. Also the way he speaks about people who play games makes me want to hide away and disassociate with them. He went on and on about how people who play games need to rise up and make a stand and blah blah blah. Incredibly painful to listen to between all the stutters.

The Final Fantasy orchestra I went to see a few weeks later was leagues beyond his show. Kudos to him for setting this up but he should find a figurehead who is capable of public speaking because he makes it all sound and feel so juvenile.

Oh my god! I went to a show of theirs in Dublin once, when my Cousin was working as a stage hand in one of the theaters.
The part when David Hayter called in Tommy Tallarico on Codec was Awesome!

Believe me, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. It was awesome.

Ah, Tommy Tallarico, the most annoying game reviewer ever (Reviews on the Run, Electric Playground, etc). Glad he is doing so well with VGL; he is an awesome musician and he does love his games.


My first reaction to the article:
-Video games have lived way longer than ten years, wasn't the first video game in the seventies or something?

Re-read the header:
-Oh, they must mean that a single video game can live over ten years. Must be something like TF2 workshop and other player-generated content that allows longevity.

What I'm trying say here is that that's one hell of a misinformative header you got there.


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