Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Red, White and Blue Characters

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Lisa, I am a big fan of yours. I love your persona, your humor, but damn! You look really hot in this one. Just need to get it out there.

I stay out of the sun!

Good vid, very cheerful, glad you skipped over mario... that loser.

Lisa, I'm digging that outfit. Your hair also looks fabbo~


Don't worry, I avoid the sun as if it were a giant fireball that's trying to burn me.

1. This show seems to be as pointless as ever. Well, maybe not for The Escapist's ad revenue, but whatever.

2. <.< Why in the hell didn't Ulysses from Lonesome Road get a mention here? He has the Fallout version of the American flag on his back, wields a flagpole as a weapon... and is a well-written warrior poet to boot. What is wrong with you?

WHAT?! How can you have a top five list of red white and blue video game characters without Sonic?! I mean come on he's probably the most famous video game character of all time behind Mario.

Great vid as always(although I'm sure the universe is sad that she probably stays away from beaches), best part is she reminded me of this little gem from a while back.


Heh, my first reaction to the title was "wait, what does The Three Colours trilogy have to do with gaming?".
Of course it's a silly reaction, but I found it amusing enough (to me, at any rate) to make a post saying just that.
So here it is... or was, rather.

No Sonic, No Megaman, No Knuckles, No Zero, No Protoman?
Only 5 seconds for Mario....

Girl, Im disapoint.

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