Trailers: Guncraft - Gunsmithing Trailer

Guncraft - Gunsmithing Trailer

Learn how to craft a weapon to shoot your fellow Guncrafters.

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Interesting graphic aesthetic going on there. I wonder if that aesthetic is protected legally?

I can sort of see the appeal of 'design your own weapon and then shoot people with it'
And a Minecrafty (woops, that word slipped out) take on the multiplayer FPS genre.
I can't help but feel uncomfortable at a game that lets to build a gun to such fine detail. That's just my own personal reaction. I'm not saying it's a bad thing (I am thinking it is).

I like guns....and I like building blocks...So this game is just tailor made for me.

Hopefully the stats are insane and the gameplay doesn't suck.

Hmm, just looks like fluff to me; the gun's designs don't actually seem to connect to their function, so the blocks are just to make it look pretty. Its abit like how Spore ended up - design not really mattering over arbitrary stats.


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