Escapist Podcast: 099: Broken Age, Robots and Don Mattrick

099: Broken Age, Robots and Don Mattrick

This week, the Escapist crew discusses Double Fine's development troubles with Broken Age, Pacific Rim and Don Mattrick's departure from Microsoft. We also talk about our favorite James Bond and robots in video games.

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Great Podcat today.

But you forgot Aliens as an enemy people don't feel too bad about killing. Well, ones that aren't very human like any way(in behavior not looks).

Also, do Metal Gear count as mechs? If so, then my favorite would be Rex, and if not, then I'll go with Big O.

That game over thing is actually a trope by the way, called Non-Standard Game Over

There are plenty of examples there.

Note: I will not be held responsible for anyway users or Escapist staff ending up stuck on TV Tropes for days.


Bezt Pr0dcat evaaah.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Atlas! how can you possibly top that?

MechWarrior FTW!

shame the atlas is a really terrible mech to actually pilot,
it hurts, but it can't decide what it wants to be...

Blade Liger ftw. However you think of Zoids, it was pretty cool.

Or maybe the horse gundam in G Gundam. It was piloted by a horse.

It seems to be a pattern that people who aren't familiar with Constantine think the movie is pretty good.

Also, watch Orlando. Tilda Swinton is awesome in that.

The Podcat crew seemed to be under the impression that John Cleese married the woman who played his wife on Fawlty Towers... He actually married Connie Booth, who played the Polly the maid.

Friday the 13th:
You and your friends are dead.

AVGN nailed it.

-Robots: All your answers make me feel old, I love an SNES title called The Ninja Warriors where you can play one of three robot ninja, and at some point you fight a robot samurai with a chainsaw!

-Bonds: I may be in the minority but Roger Moore is my main Bond, not sure why. Maybe to me he's the more gentlemanly of the "gentleman spy"

-If you fail at various points in Second Sight, you get different versions the villain telling you how much of a monster you are.

Keanu was a baddie in "The Gift" and I think "The Watcher."

Also, my fave mech game ever: Zone of Enders 2

love your podcasts and listen to them all, but this is a second one where at exactly 10:54 the video gets stuck, and i have to move it a few seconds forward for it to work. i tried moving back and it got stuck at 10:54 again, seems like a technocal difficulity. other flash-based videos (think: youtube and others) does not seen to have this problem so does not seem like my flash player is at fault. just letting you know, since when you turn on podcast and go around cleaning your house and then suddenly it cuts off your like wtf and have to come and fix it.

So glad you guys mentioned Machinarium, it's really a gem.

The first Bond movie I saw in the theaters was Goldeneye. Not sure if I'd seen another movie before. Maybe. But anyhow, Pierce Brosnan *was* Bond to me. But I also saw a boatload of Bond movies with Sean Connery, from Dr. No to Goldfinger, and Sean Connery *IS* Bond. Daniel Craig? Meh. Roger Moore? Sure, if that floats your boat. Sean Connery comes first for me, with Brosnan as a close second. Guess that's very much determined by which Bond movie you saw first, which is the best actor, how old you were, and a variety of different factors.

Also, loooove Evangelion, but I didn't think the Eva would qualify as a mecha, it was part organic. I stand corrected. Loved Evangelion ever since I saw the original series in high school (was a big Asuka fan, favorite episode was "Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win", wanted those red Eva hair clips XD ), but never really got into the movies though.

Finally... We're *still* talking about DRM? ;)

Nerdy blue grass song suggestion: The Ballad of the Wind Fish (Zelda: Link's Awakening)

Keanu was a baddie in "The Gift" and I think "The Watcher."

Good catch! I completely blanked on those two movies.

The Podcat crew seemed to be under the impression that John Cleese married the woman who played his wife on Fawlty Towers... He actually married Connie Booth, who played the Polly the maid.

Thanks for setting the record straight! That makes both more and less sense to me than what I had previously thought, hehe.

Loved this podcat, guys! Was listening to it while commuting, couldn't help laughing!

As well as Machinarium, Blocks that Matter has a little robot that you play as.

Sean Connery with Roger Moore coming close second as "Bond". A big factor for me personally is probably that those two appeared in more Bonds than any other, so just by seeing them more often meant they were more concrete.

P.S. This is (officially) podcat number 99.... anything planned for the centennial podcat later this week?


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