Escapist News Now: Escapist Celebrates 8 Years!

Escapist Celebrates 8 Years!

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Happy Birthday Escapist! Ma many more come to you!

Wow happy birthday, hope the content continues to be as excellent as always =)

Also "damn we're getting old" from such a young person made my stomach drop =(

No way its been 8 years, congrats guys, ive been loving the site since the start

Happy Birthday Escapist

Happy birthday Escapist! Didnt know it was this long already.

Then to think i've only been around here since *Checks zero punctuation page* Jan 13, 2010.

On towards another 8 i say!

Happs a birthd.

Almost 6 years on this site, 5 as a member.

I can't wait until 8 years from now, when the forums are full of "Sexism in CoD 14" threads. :)

But it is nice that the Escapist lasted this long and still produces new quality content.

First of all, Happy Birthday, Escapist! The content here made my day more than once since I came here (starting with ZP of course)!

And a second thing - what is the name of the background music? I know it also plays sometimes during breaks in League of Legends LCS games. I've been trying to find to find the name all over the internet, but my search fu has failed me.

Hooray! Now where is that cake...

Happy Birthday Escapist! Too bad I don't have an expo trip in my budget for this year or the next few years... v.v

Happy B'day Escapist! I didn't actually know when the site was made. As for my stats, I've been visiting the site for four years, but coming up in four days it will be my third year anniversary as a member. So it's my Escapist birthday too! Yay!

Happy Birthday Escapist! The most passive aggressive best site on the web!

Too bad I cannot attend the Expo, would love to, but my wallet begs to differ...

Happy birthday Escapist! I've been coming here steadily for about three years, and joined the forums about a month ago. I hope the site has another eight years of great content, and a forum of gamers arguing over mostly pointless(but interesting) stuff. :D

Happy Birthday, Escapist!
I would definitely come to the expo if I didn't have to travel to the other side of the world to do so.
Thankfully, you decent folks see fit to upload recording of it =D

*counts* I was turning 13 the year this website was born. Happy Birthday Escapist, to another 8 years!

So, the celebration for 8 years is a 1 and a half minute video from one of the Youtube channel people, who only popped up a few months back.

Says a lot about the state of The Escapist these days, unfortunately.

Here's to another eight years!

Man, remember when the escapist was a handful of amazing and thought-provoking articles each week and not a bunch of kind of funny videos (lol video games amirite) with some half-assed "game journalism" and what is one of the most increasingly toxic community around.

...what is one of the most increasingly toxic community around.

Good thing you're keeping things positive and productive.


...what is one of the most increasingly toxic community around.

Good thing you're keeping things positive and productive.

Go on any topic about sexism and tell me it isn't.


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