Unskippable: Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations

Graham and Paul take us into the zombie infected future of 2005.

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Surprised you didn't mention her companion, the guy looks like a Saint Bernard walking on it's hind legs.

The Adventures of Captain Obvious Girl and "I can has a fan for my head and blow chunks" guy!

Even zombies are providing fanservice these days.

"Resident Evil: More Stuff" would have my interest for at least sounding honest.

It's good to see Jill continues her practice of pointing out the obvious.

Is that the same ship from the Poseidon Adventure? Because it looks like the owner of that arm met Gene Hackman at some point.

Bioweapon Cruise Lines... Okay, that line was awesome.

And you know what? Maybe it's the cruise those two people here ended up on... ^_^

Thunderous Cacophony:
Surprised you didn't mention her companion, the guy looks like a Saint Bernard walking on it's hind legs.

Rooster Teeth said the same thing.

Good episode. Glade I didn't play the game.

Also, the shark's name was Bruce. He was named after one of the movie makers lawyers. But Graham does have a point. In the movie he's a shark, so they just don't give him a name.

Though that is odd actually. Don't they always name big or unusual animals? Especially fish.

It's a shame that the other chick didn't make it into the intro. I wanted to see what they'd make of her wetsuit.

There's no need to worry about the solar matrix! The orbital laser that powers it is perfectly safe, you can tell this by the fact it destroyed an island.

If I saw a gun in the middle of what I can only describe as suspicious pate, I'd leave it alone. Especially if I already had a gun.

"the lost city of detroit" is rather a good description if you know the financial and political situation there. The remaining residents are so opposed to the city improving its not even funny.

"OK if we reduce everyones retirement check payments by $6 we can turn all the lights back on and hire 600 new police officers."

response "Oh hell no, thats my money you just turn on the lights and get us some police without me payin for it, let someone else pay for my stuff"

How about this, "If everyone in the city paid their past do water and sewer bills, we could afford to put 400 police officers on the street and put $8,000,000 into road repairs"

Response "I need that money for my stuff, you cant charge me for water thats criminal! Water is free! Right out the tap!"

(not made up)

Geez, did Jill learned that guy first mistake back in the first Resident Evil game? You know the first guy who got killed off for holding and staring that severed gun held hand for too long?

Hey wait a minute! Chris and Jessica were only missing for an hour and a half before they sent out the search party? Usually they wait at least a day or two.

How many people watching a cable news network in 2005 would ever see broadcast snow?

You guys are right, Revelations is kind of a misnomer for this game if it doesn't REVEAL anything new about Umbrella or whatever. When is this set, relative to the numbered sequel games? At least Assassin's Creed Revelations stayed true to it's title.

Eiffel Tower 2: Electric Boogaloo?

I've only just noticed how much Parker looks like a younger version of Bill from The Last of Us.

Ah, so THAT'S what that circular thing I see sometimes on "Deadliest Catch" is for. Thanks Resident Evil!

Captcha: squirrelfriend
oooo-kay then.

I know if I was going onto a wrecked ship full of hideously mutated abominations, I'd want Jack Black with a french accent at my back.

Does the aQWOPalace show their CCTV in QWOPvision?

the lost city of detroit! golden...

So the Governor of Michigan watched this video...

Detroit has now declared bankruptcy, and its all on you Graham and Paul.

You changed the course of human history with your little video, I hope you are happy.


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