Stolen Pixels #52: Guide to Building Cities in "Persia"

Stolen Pixels #52: Guide to Building Cities in "Persia"

The architects of ancient Persia apparently learned everything they knew about construction from playing Jenga.

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I'd love to live on those foundations...

Let me be the first to say "Bravo, sir; very funny".

Hehe, from the magic school of archeiture ;)

Good one Shamus. I never did quite get the arcitecture in the new PoP.

yup, that is how i would build stuff

Hey, it isn't broken (well not completely). So why fix what isn't broken?

Nice, I especially liked the poem at the end :).

In their defense, they probably intended to install the floating castle options, but ran out of money halfway... damned crooked building contractors.

Hah! Nicely done, both the comic and poem got a good laugh from me.

Applause for the well written and witty Dr. Seuss poem. I want Shamus to compose a Shakespearean sonnet next week, the topic would be something along the lines of the dialogue between Elika and the Prince.

Haha, very funny as I find one of the major problems with the new PoP is that the level design works well for the running and jumping, but not so much in practicality.

Heh heh very funny as always

An alternity campaign i was in once had architecture from the same school of thought. the only excuse there was that it was from a race of fliers.

Excellent work, but I'm suspicious that the first few panels may not be stolen.

Excellent work, but I'm suspicious that the first few panels may not be stolen.

You got me there.

At least, unless someone steals them from me.

I love the poem, but I'm going to have to invoke rule 34 on the third panel.

I love the poem, but I'm going to have to invoke rule 34 on the third panel.

Persian palace: Now with reservoir tip!

The poem was insanely funny.

This installment is a new funny-high for you, Shamus. I rarely laugh out loud for the internet, but this one got me.

Nice job. Captured what I thought about PoP spot on.

I wouldn't quit my day job.

Damn, played and finished the game but the architecture always had me with a wtf. Ubisoft has a very strange idea of what Persian's are possible of doing.

Very funny. This is a bit odd.

((I can speak, the ban has lifted, hear my voice!))

But imagine running round a real life version of Persia (now known as Iran lulz), everything is no more than 2 stories high, clearly it would be no fun if there was a risk of you falling a thousand feet to your death.
Anyway, nicely done, made me laugh out loud.


I did find myself wondering how all the non-wall runners/jumpers/fliers managed to get around the cities designed like they are.

That poem made me "LAWL" and then I clapped.

I think this is the best one yet. I keep having urges to read it again.

wait! just add Fable 2's Spire to top it off...there

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Nice, no, verry nice poem.


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