Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Legacy of Rogues

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Legacy of Rogues

Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.

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I assume Yahtzee's is a reference to a game that has a story about a family line of adventures(or just game adventures in general) who all get killed in the same castle. Pretty good.

And Jim's......Was meant to be kind of disturbing in a funny way.
o_0 Well, it was funny. In a way....

Oh, Lord. Jims poem make me crack up so hard. The images made it so much better. I am, however, slightly disappointed there was no mention of Bailey Jay after the Gianna Michaels reference.

Thanks for that Jim. I think I'm now going to have nightmares for a week.

I think Yahtzee was referring to Dark Souls or something like that. Roguelikes. Hence "Legacy of Rogues".

EDIT: Ok, guys, I get it. He was talking about Rogue Legacy. I didn't know about it. I'm not that active on Steam, so I haven't seen it. And I assumed Dark Souls was a rogue-like because a friend who's played it told me it was (never played it; never will). You don't need to inform me of these facts anymore.

Yahtzee needs to embrace the opportunity to sow his oats; sure he'll die a messy and unpleasant death, but it's not everyone who can ensure job security for all his descendants in perpetuity.

I believe Yahtzee was referring to an actual game that is actually called "Legacy of Rogues," which does indeed follow a family line of random PCs.

And Jim... erm... furries?

They called this episode Legacy of Rogues, and not one SINGLE reference to saving Mon Calamari from World Devastators
I am disappoint.

I'm still not sure what I just watched.

Did Jim just admit he was a furry?

The first time that both of them made me laugh <3

They're diverging more and more each week and yet... that's a good thing. They both cater to forms of humour I love; Yahtzee with his dry wit and Jim with his... crazed, slightly frightening weirdness that I can't stop laughing at. Though I do fully expect Poetry Jim to kill me in my sleep.

I cannot tell if I'm breaking a running joke in the thread by pointing out that the game Yahtzee was poeming about was "Rogue Legacy".

And now I'm lactose intolerant. Thanks Jim. :P

I'm slightly dissapointed that Jim didn't have a milk moustache at the end.

Did Jim lose a bet or something?

It's all madness, and highbrow, and brilliant, and I love it.

I laughed at yahtzee's poem. It's about how I felt with that game.

and jim...um...are you feeling ok?

But Jim! What about Ekans? And Muk? Are you just going to abandon them?

But Jim! What about Ekans? And Muk? Are you just going to abandon them?

In time, the world will regret this question.

This is merely the start.

I think Yahtzee was referring to Dark Souls or something like that. Roguelikes. Hence "Legacy of Rogues".

He was referring to the game Rogue Legacy.

Jim's poem was wonderfully disturbing. I think I will be having nightmares for the rest of the month!

Yahtzee's poem sounds like quite the fun game.

Yahtzee was great, as always.

And what the fuck, Jim. I sat here with my hands over my mouth, laughing and disturbed. I don't know how to take you.

I loled at the graphic weirdness in jim's poem more so than I did at Yahtzee's, but Yahtzees had a stronger, far better and more memorable ending.

I think if more of this was shown to children and not dissected and analysed till it has no meaning (like what happens in the classroom) then we might have more poetry kicking around.

Well ok maybe not show exactly this to children but certainly something as fun but less disturbing.

Having just completed Rogue Legacy, I thoroughly enjoyed Yahtzee's rhyme. Jim's rhyme on the other hand, made me laugh hysterically. I guess I liked Jim's more this time, but it really doesn't matter, both were great. I love this series.

Liked Yahtzee's bit but although I've liked many of Jim's before (his bounty hunter one has been of the best of them all) this one was... meh. Bestiality, Milk and Pokemon; so what?
Felt a bit like a last minute rushed job but since others here did enjoy it I guess that's fine...

...Did Jim reference a pornstar?

Well played, well played.

I am not entirely sure what Yahtzee's was referencing (rogue-like games perhaps?), but I liked the style used. Considering the death rate of "heroes" you would think the amount of people seeking other lines of work would be pretty high.

Jim's was both increasingly hilarious and disturbing. I have never heard somebody try and woo a pokemon before but there is a first for everything.

Rogues Legacy is an evil bastard indeed. I fooking love it.

I'm curios as to the..."Purpose" of Jim's poem. Not sure if it's satire or just something entirely random.

Also, once again Yahtzee was fluid and snappy with his lines. I do plan on getting Rogue Legacy eventually.

Jim's losing more sanity with each passing day. Love it

Yahtzee killed the cypher as always

*after watching Jims Piece of Art*....

Whats just happened? *BSOD*

... Jim's was creepy. Then again, I appreciate that he didn't say "rollout." Those complaints are quite annoying.

Watched Yahtzees
Thought, what Rogue-y thing will Jim take up?
In my face O.o

I don't get Jim's Message.
You could say, he..


...lost me


Yahtzee's poems are so classy, and now I really want to buy Rogue Legacy.
But Jim's poem this week actually scared me. *begins rocking uncontrollably in his chair*

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